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Our story

Founder Chanelle Avontuur, realized that she and so many of her friends often have expensive make-up that goes unused mostly because of uninformed purchases.

The idea was born to start a  community as a place to swop or sell those unwanted beauty products while learning from each other about the latest products.

The community has become so much more since those humble beginnings. 

Beauty swop or sale. is more than just a beauty website; It’s a community where beauty-obsessed individuals come together to celebrate and share their love for all things make-up, skin care, hair, health, and  so much more.

We have an extensive beauty review database, and we are fast becoming the place to visit to get your beauty fix.

We also hosted the very first and hugely successful consumer based expo this year. It’s a place for brands to come and let us see and try their products and buy them on the spot. We intend to do regional expo’s every year. 

Our Testers

The BSS Review Team is our panel of independent product testers.  These testers are members of the BSS community invited to put the latest beauty products through their paces and give us their verdicts (good or bad).  Our panel really gets to know a product during every review, you can be sure it’s a mark of authority.

Want to be one of our reviewers?

We’re always on the lookout for new members to join the Reviewer Team.  It’s a great way for you to test out the products you’re interested in before you buy them and tell brands (and the world) what you think.  Sounds good? Start trialing products for free.

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