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Tia’m My signature CSource Vitamin C serum review; How to get rid of dark marks

Happy New Year Squad! A few months ago Tamsin from Glow Theory. (The biggest K-Beauty retailer in SA) was so kind to send both myself and Shamiela a hamper each of selected products to cater to our specific skin concerns, mine being very dry/ dehydrated skin and light pigmentation. Glow Theory is best known for advising the most appropriate products for your skin care concerns. My biggest concern is pigmentation and one of the products’ I was sent was the Tia’m My signature CSource vitamin c serum. I have know been using this Vitamin C serum for 3 weeks,  today I will show you my results.

*Although this product was gifted all opinions are my own and result photo’s are all true.

Vitamin C serum

Now I am one, that has never really been into skincare ( but when you have a bestie like Sham, you will start living your best skincare life) this Vitamin C serum has been lying in my infamous bag (ask Sham) of unused beauty products for a while. The beauty market has taken a huge shift and focus on skincare has grown exponentially. Cue all the K-Beauty stores you now find on instagram.  A special focus has been on targeted skincare/ skincare with high percentages of active ingredients.

Many older family members have asked me over the past few months what they can use for “die bruin merke” and I always said Vitamin C Serum, as this is something I learnt from listening to all the advice that is given on the group. The packaging is really very practical, it comes in an amber bottle ( Vitamin C serum requires as little as possible exposure to light). When you first open it,it had a regular twist off lid, when I opened mine a puff of smoke appeared, probably symbolising the magic that was about to happen on my skin. Included in the box is a dropper, which you replace the regular lid with.

Vitamin C Serum Dropper

Benefits of using a Vitamin C Serum 

Vitamin C is an anti oxidant that neutralizes free radicals caused by exposure to certain conditions including pollution and UV Rays

  • Anti Aging – Stimulates collagen production, softens fine lines and wrinkles while preventing new ones from forming
  • Hyper pigmentation – Fights hyper pigmentation by preventing melanin production, so it will lighten dark spots but doesn’t lighten the overall skin tone
  • Brightens skin appearance
  • Lightens dark spots left behind by acne ( acne scarring)
  • Always wear sunscreen, prevention is better than cure

The packaging states:

Tiam My Signature C Source delivers a multitude of complexion benefits for beautifully healthy skin. Pure Vitamin C refine, brighten, balance, and tone skin for a radiant appearance.

I always had dull skin, but since using the Vitamin C serum, my skin is visibly brighter. Even areas like around my nostrils that were always red and dark (that I didn’t know was dark until it was lighter than normal) has become much more clearer and my skin tone is also more even and not as blotchy anymore

How to and when to use your Vitamin C Serum

Vitamin C can be used in the morning or in the evening. For the first few days I applied it in the morning and then I switched over to using it at night. I personally prefer using it in the evening because it makes my face very shiny, so shiny that my father asked me what I had on my face.

I apply the serum after cleansing and let it absorb for 5 – 10 minutes and then I apply moisturiser. If you use a toner, you would apply it after your toner.

you can either use this serum every day or two to three times per week. I am still (at this ripe age) not very diligent when it comes to my skincare regimen, and so I aim to apply it everyday,so that when I forget it is not a train smash. It even compliments my lifestyle lol

Things I learnt:

  • Store your serum in the refrigerator, Vitamin C  also known as L-absorbic acid, which is pure vitamin C and can become oxidized when exposed to lengthy exposure to light.
  • A tingly feeling is normal
  • Can be applied to your whole face- although you can drop it directly on the spots you would need lightened.
  • Vitamin C serum is light yellow in colour, once it turns a darker shade of yellow this means it has oxidized and can no longer be used.


This Vitamin C Serum is available at Glow Theory for R295 – I have used it for nearly 3 weeks and there is still half left.


Although all my pigmentation has not lightened as yet, I have definitely seen an improvement in the appearance of my skin.

Vitamin C Serum Before and After

Vitamin C Serum Glow
No products on my skin, only washed with a mild cleanser. Check that glow!


As with anything it is always helpful to supplement your routine with eating healthy. Adult females require 75g of Vitamin C and adult males require 90g of Vitamin C per day. Foods like oranges,lemons,limes,kiwi and red peppers etc are great sources of Vitamin C. P.S Lemons are also amazing to use on dark elbows.

Vitamin C serum oral



I wish I had known about things like Vitamin C Serum, when I was younger. That way, I would have been able to use it as a preventative measure instead of a remedy for my pigmentation

Are you using a Vitamin C serum? Tell us below which one, and share your thoughts with us

Peace and Love







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