Woolworths & Sir John Masterclass 2018

“I don’t know about your Miss Kitty, but I feel so much prettier…” On the way driving to the Sir John masterclass I thought that I was ready for all the inspiration that the day would bring and WOW did they deliver! Here are my detailed thoughts and sentiments on the event:

sir john masterclass venue


The Sir John masterclass was hosted at The Forum – Embassy Hill, Constantia. WOW a venue so beautiful it’s only competition is the breathtakingly luxurious scenery that surrounds it. Lush rolling green grass invite you in, as you step up into the venue foyer area ,which is decked with a rustic opulence. Greeted at the front entrance by happy hostesses ready to bestow upon you the best gift the day has to offer… the long awaited GOODIE BAG!

The Sir John Masterclass Goodie Bag

The goodie bag was basically everything and more and even more than I imagined it would be. Each bag had the event and a quote printed on the front including a zip pocket inside. I mean… they had me with the zip pocket! Each goodie bag had the same amount of products included in it but in different variations, there were also more products in the VIP ticket holder bags, which was expected. The goodie bag consisted of the following items:

  1. W-Beauty 9 shade eyeshadow palette
  2. W-Beauty Tropicana gift set – liquid liner, lipstick, nail polish& mascara
  3. W-Beauty Face Mask
  4. Woolies loofa
  5. Woolies 10ml nailpolish
  6. Woolies pomegranate soap bar
  7. Taste Magazine
  8. Lindt Lindor chocolates

sir john masterclass goody bag

Food & beverages

The food and beverages were ON TAP. Unlimited. A never ending stream of deliciousness that would make any good girl stuff her face in the ugliest kind of way. But you’re in public, so you know… you keep it together and eat like a lady. I cannot fault Woolworths on ensuring that the food was nutritious and kept at an exceptionally high quality which was constantly being brought around on platters for us to devour. The menu for the day mainly consisted of healthy foods, they even had an “elixir bar” which you could choose and get your very own freshly pressed fruit juice complete with celery stick and fennel. Legit healthy vibes all day long. The healthy vibes were accepted and embraced okuuurr *woot woot* bring it on… hoooooweverrr my only criticism regarding the food was the insanely high volume of fibre content in the food… it was ridic. No one needs that much fibre in their system… like ever. But good for you Woolies on trying get this thick chick into healthy food, I thought it was really nice of you, it might have even worked a little I thought while I had my KFC on the way home.

sir john beverages

sir john masterclass food


It goes without saying that all Woolworths signature brands were in attendance to take care of your every requirement – need your lippy touched up Bobbi Brown got you, forgot to do your make up Smashbox got you, need some perfume Versace &Elie Saab were ready to marinate you in their signature scents. Morgan Taylor and Jo Malone had your nails and hands lookin’ on fleek if you needed it! Woolies had thing whole thing on lock down, low key providing you with your every need. It was like every girl’s dream going from vendor to vendor, checking out their products and filling up your goodie bag even more with awesome testers and products!

sir john masterclass bar


Besides the obvious celebrity guests and social media personalities, the ladies in attendance were warm, welcoming and accommodating. The hostesses were so lovely and conversational, smiles all around and even though they were working they interacted with everyone providing information and assistance where needed. I arrived alone and met another lady who had also attended the event alone, my masterclass circle continued to grow throughout the day as every minute I interacted and met new women who extended me the most outstanding friendliness and warmth that was unparalleled. THIS was the highlight of my day!

sir john masterclass guests



The main event was hosted and emceed by NomzamoMbatha (side note: what a beauty! omg!). Nomzamo introduced Sir John and he commenced his masterclass using Danika Pienaar and Nabilah Kariem as models for his looks. He conscientiously answered everyone’s questions during the session and made sure we could see and interact with him in detail on every step. Sir John discussed modesty in makeup, make up through the eras to suit your every need and skin care routines to benefit your particular lifestyle. Sir John even took time out to go into the audience and show ladies how to do a particular look for them specifically. It’s like being one degree closer to Queen B herself hahaa! I found the masterclass both informative and interactive,it was exciting to be able to ask questions and have Sir John answer you directly. I ended up having more questions than I thought I would have but my anxiety took hold and I was unable to vocalise the 9 million questions I had! Overall the class was exceptional and it was an honour learning from such a titan in the industry.

sir john masterclass action


Meeting Sir John

I had the opportunity to meet Sir John and the man is flawless. Like poreless, perfection personified. Up close and personal he is like a new best friend I don’t deserve. We took silly selfies and discussed the makeup I had on for the day. *insert scream here* I had chosen pinks and a magenta lip from a MAC limited edition. Sir John knew which lippy I had on and I near damn well almost fell off my chair. A little later in our conversation he high fived me and I honestly felt like the moment was going in slow motion as in my head I was thinking “I’m about to high five the same hand that has touched the face of Beyonce” – I simply could not deal! Done. Finished. Kom kry my buite,want ek is nou klaar!

Overall conclusion

Overall I really thoroughly enjoyed the event and appreciated the effort that Woolworths put into their message for femme empowerment. I would certainly recommend that any lady wishing to attend should take up the opportunity if it should happen again. Apparently, Sir John and Woolworths just might be doing a special make up line together for the holiday season but that is hearsay (see here’s the part where I use mylaw degree *eye roll*) and I cannot confirm or deny the validity of this claim.*wink wink*

A special thanks to lashful art for doing this amazing review for us, we are very thankful. Love you lots – Coco

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  1. Wow what a piece, it felt as in I were there with you! Congrats on meeting the master it must have been so exciting⚘ hope you keep the blogs coming it sounds great being you😉

    1. Thank you for taking the time out to read this post, we really appreciate it. If there is ever anything you would like us to cover please let us know

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