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Bionike Hydra 5 Opthydra : Moisturiser review

Lately we have been on a mission to vamp up our social media platforms so that it can be more aesthetically pleasing for you guys,so you can follow us (shameless plug please click here to follow us).This has resulted in Sham’s make up skills going from 50 – 1000 in a split second and me ending up with a droe (even dryer than usual) gessigie. So I was very thankful when the Bionike Hydra 5 Opthydra showed up at my doorstep in the form of a press drop- I was using the last bits of my Matrixyl Moisturiser.

Bionike Hydra 5 Opthydra

I first heard about Bionike about 4 years ago when a friend of mine mentioned that it’s the only foundation she is able to use due to her sensitive skin and because I have a very hard non-sensitive skin I didn’t    really look into it further than that.Boy,how I wish I did.

Bionike Hydra 5 Opthydra defintition

Bionike is a leading Italian cosmetic company that was founded in Milano in the 1930s as a pharmaceutical company.

BioNike is a word that originates from two Greek words: Bios = life e Nike = victory

They proudly describe themselves as a company that has pioneered the formulation and marketing of treatments for sensitive, allergic and over-active skin.

In South Africa Bionike is stocked exclusively at Dischem and they have a wide variety of products to choose from – like we needed another excuse to head to Dischem.

Today I will be reviewing the Bionke Hydra5 Opthydra Nourishing Moisturising Cream


Rich Texture that nicely melts onto skin,instantly giving skin a feeling of softness and comfort.Features the special DetoxHyal 5 complex andis enriched with Shea butter. Detoxified and moisturized for 24 hurs,restores opimal comfort in skin andleavesit firmer and smoother.

Bionike Hydra 5 Opthydra huh


Yeah , I had to stop and google that too but basically what DetoxHyal 5 complex is  : a formula including Cistus Incanus Extract, Gynostemma Extract and Hyaluronic Acid in 5 different molecular forms, to moisturize skin intensely and strengthen the natural self-defence mechanisms of skin against daily oxidative stress.And of course with having a bestie that is naturilista I know all of the benefits of Shea Butter. The Bionike Hydra 5 Opthydra is also Nickel-tested, preservative free, Gluten free and fragrance free.

As mentioned above we have been trying to up our instagram game and that means attempting to do some fire looks to post on our platforms. One that really took its toll on my face was that cloud look, I attempted it almost 8 times and it was still a mega fail, which means there was lots of applying, removing and reapplying which left my face feeling extremely raw and beaten up. I have always had very dry, dehydrated skin and so moisture is very important in my shoddy attempt of a skincare routine. The Bionike Hydra5 Opthydra really came through with its claim. It’s a very thick luxurious cream that no matter how much(I tend to take more than is necessary) you use, it will seep into your skin magically-you can actually feel how your skin is absorbing the product. It is also very calming on the skin and relieves any itchiness you may have. The Bionike Hydra 5 Opthydra is specifically formulated for dry to very dry skin but they also have the Bionike Defence Hydra 5 Mat, Mattifying moisturizing fluid for  combination to oily skin.

The Bionike Hydra 5  Opthydra Nourshing Moisturising cream retails for R199 which is quite affordable if you consider that you only use a little bit at a time and the product should be able to last you at least 2 -3 months depending on use. It has a very fresh smell almost flowery which is probably from the rose water used in the product. It lingers on the skin after but is so faint that it is not overpowering.It has a thick and creamy consistency and you can definitely see the difference on your skin when applying.

Bionike Hydra 5 Opthydra consistency
The Bionike Hydra 5 Opthydra comes in a heavy frosted glass jar with a silver lid which adds to the luxury feel of the cream inside.


Apply in the morning and/or evening after cleansing skin, either alone of after applying Defence Hydra5 Booster.

I usually apply a serum at night before my night cream(when I can remember) click here to read my review on the Elizabeth Arden Advanced Ceramide Capsules

I am really enjoying using this product and although I haven’t seen much difference in my skin just yet( I’m only using it a week now and most products only heed results with continous use of about 30 days) I can vouch for the calming affect it had on my skin when it was irritated and the way it makes my skin feel after I use it

Have you used this product before? Did you enjoy it?What is your favourite moisturiser of all time and what would you like us to test out for you next


Until Next Time

Peace and Love


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