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Hadassah Nail and Beauty; Interview with Melanie

We had the privilege of meeting Melanie Jacobs, owner of Hadassah Nail and Beauty  last month when she did our nails for our 1920’s inspired shoot

Hadassah Nail and Beauty Nails

Melanie is a hard working woman, wife, mother and  woman of God, who always strives to give 100% of who she is in Hadassah Nail and Beauty Ownereverything she does. She has 3 beautiful daughter’s all grown, a son in law and a beautiful grandbaby Noah. This is how she describes herself,”I am a perfectionist and can be very hard on myself. Beauty is a passion. I love making woman feel good about themselves”. She worked for Old Mutual for almost 20 years and put herself through various courses to accomplish her dream at the age of 36. She then became a qualified nail tech in acrylic and gel nail systems. Her teacher Charmaine entered her into a nail art competition and she took 3rd place.

When did you first think you might like to be a hairdresser?

It was at a very young age because I would do everyone’s nails in my family with nail polish.

What is your experience as a salon owner in Mitchells Plain?

It’s difficult and you need to work very hard to keep your clients. There are many nail salons popping up on every corner, but because I love what I do, I give my clients the best of me. What makes me successful is my love for God because I put him first in my business. He is the owner of my salon, I work for him, and that is the key.

Who is your inspiration/nail tech role model?

Charmaine Kay of Maskscara, she is not selfish to share her knowledge with me and I always strive to do nails like herHadassah Role Model Charmaine Kay

What makes Hadassah unique?

I don’t think it’s unique, maybe different, because there is always someone out there better than me, but I give my clients the best of me, caring for their needs the best I know how. I also always give back to my community by sponsoring a matriculant. My clients have more than one option as I have 220 gel colours.

What do you think Hadassah has to offer the nail industry that hasn’t been done before?

Right now I don’t think I have anything to offer that’s different, but my passion to do nails and to encourage ladies to be the best that they can be. Because we all have a purpose and we should all be living out our dreams

What would your advice to future entrepreneurs be?

To never sell themselves short but to push beyond boundaries because there is no such word as I can’t

Whats next for Hadassah beauty?

To be in their own space. To be the go to salon in Mitchell’s Plain, to be well known for their nail art and makeup

Hadassah Logo

Where would you like to see yourself in the next 10 years?

To have more than one Hadassah Branch

Where can clients find you on social media?

FB: hadassah nail and Beauty
Insta: @hadassahnbs


Hadassah work

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