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Things I wish I knew before I started going naturally curly: Part 1 – Porosity, Hair Texture & Density

Hi Hunnies,When I started my natural hair journey I was extremely overwhelmed with product information, different routines, how to choose products, etc.It would have benefited me so much if I knew what my hair porosity, hair type and density,   protein and moisture needs, were BEFORE I even touched my hair.

Hair care, like skincare and cosmetics, is not a one size fits all. Once you  know what hair type you have and what to look for you will get better results.Below I have compiled a list of things to bear in mind,when embarking on your journey

Natural Hair Porosity: Your hairs ability to absorb and retain moisture.

Importance of knowing your porosity?

Your hairs’ porosity will help you understand how your hair absorbs and retains moisture and how to get moisture into your hair

There are 3 types of porosity

1. Low Porosity- the hair cuticle lays flat and is tightly compressed
Pro: Once products are absorbed it’s locked in really well, keeping the hair well hydrated
Con:Products are not easily absorbed

Tip: washing your hair with warm water helps open up the cuticle. Warm up products between your hands before                 you apply.Applying a bit of heat helps with absorbtion.
NB: When using a hair dryer always use the lowest warm setting and speed.

2. Normal/ Medium Porosity: You are basically Rapunzel and can use anything.
Easily accepts and retains products/moisture

3. High Porosity: the hair cuticle is raised and flared
Pro: Moisture is easily let in
Con: Moisture easily evaporates, does not retain moisture very well

Tip: Use cold water to help seal in moisture

Natural Hair porosity Test


How to determine if you are low, normal or high porosity

There are 3 tests you can use to determine which porosity you have
*All tests should be done on clean hair

1. The Float test

Drop a few strands of hair into a glass of room temperature water. Break the surface tension by gently pushing it down. Wait a few minutes. If the hair floats to the top its low porisity.

If its in the middle its normal/medium porosity

And if it sinks to the bottom its high porosity

porosity test for natural hair

NB: you have to break the surface tension otherwise the hair will just float on top of the water.

2. The Slide test
Take a strand of dry hair, starting at the tip slide between thumb and pointer finger towards the scalp/roots. If it feels bumpy you may have high porosity, if it was a smooth ride it may be low porosity

3. Spray bottle test

Mist a section of your hair with water, if:
-It beads, you may have low porosity
-If it absorbs quickly, you may have high porosity

-If it sits for several minutes then absorbs you may have normal porosity

NB: You may have a mixture of porosities. For example the hair closer to your scalp may be normal but your ends may be high because of damage caused by dye, heat, the enviroment or chemical treatments

I did all 3 tests and my hair is normal to high porosity. Out of the three the spray bottle test was the easiest for me to understand porosity. Even before I started going natural my hair absorbed water quickly and it also dried quickly

Hair type/texture:width of an individual hair strand

You can have:

Medium or

Hair density: how much hair you have on your head

This refers to :

The importance of hair texture and density

If you have fine, thin hair your do not want to overload your hair with product, this will weigh it down and it will look greasy, you need lightweight products
If you have course thick hair you need richer/creamier products, lighter products just wont do justice to your crown
You can have course thin hair or fine thick hair as well.
As you go along you will figure out how much product your hair can take I promise😊

I previously shared my natural hair wash day routine,click here to read it

I was thinking of covering protein and moisture in this post but I didn’t want to make the post too long so I will do that next

A special thank you to the ladies in the group. Nicole Barlow Hoskins who really helped me through this journey of embracing my natural hair and was my motivation to starting this journey, girl I’m still learning and will still be bothering you with questions


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