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Dvine Beauty;Interview with The Brow Whisperer ,Razia Israel

Razia Israel  is the BSS proclaimed brow whisperer and owner of Dvine Beauty.

Dvine BeautyShe has been running this successful business for 4 years now and is going from strength to strength.With people from all over the country booking appointments with her,one even got off the plane and went straight to her appointment with Razia.I must confess I am a cheapskate and wherever I can save,I will,however Razia had me at rrrip.  Why? She takes her time,she gets to know you,finds out what your needs are and exlplains to you,what she is doing with every step of the journey.Where some salons schedule you for 15 mins, Razia books out an hour for a brow service(Eyebrow wax and tint,and lip wax @ R250) so she really spend her time with you.One thing I learnt from Razia, was that your brows will never be identical but she definitely makes them look as close as possible to each other.Razia offers many services at her salon and has just added  full pmu (permanent make up) so brows, lips, liner and Neocollagenisis (collagen induction therapy – targeted wrinkle reduction) to her list of services.For a full list of services,click here

About 2 weeks ago,I had my appointment with Razia and we decided to go live and discuss all things Dvine Beauty.If you would like to watch it you can click here

Below I will be transcribing our video and a few more things we haven’t added into the video 🙂

Dvine Beauty specializes in brows tell us a bit more about this.

So basically what this is,is waxing of brows,tinting of brows,brow rehab which is very important these days.Lots of us ladies have over plucked over he years.So we work on how to get you to the brow you want.

You get recommended by majority of the ladies in the group,what do you think keeps your clients coming back

I tend to give my clients a lot more,we don’t just get you on the bed and off you go.We talk about where you want to take your brows,what is the brow history and we work n how to get your brows to look absolutely perfect to you. We teach aftercare,and hygiene to me is extremely important.NO GLOVE NO LOVE

When did you know this was your passion?

I was always plucking my aunt’s brows, when I visited as a kid and my mom was a make – up artist and skin care consultant so the beauty industry was always appealing to me. When I moved out of the construction industry, I thought about what my next adventure would be and more importantly, what appeals to me, and decided to pursue a career in beauty.

dvine beauty salon

What advice can you give to new entrepreneurs entering the market?

Under promise and over deliver.Be active on social media,people love to see MI what you are doing.Find your target market and advertise to them.Join the groups where you will be speaking directly to your audience

How do you keep relevant or growing?

I have just started retailing The Billion Dollar brows products and they are cruelty free yay, so I am making more things available for my clients and can even spark important conversations with the clients around these type of products.


Where are you availabe on social media?

Facebook: Dvine Beauty

Instagram: @thedvinebeauty

I would just like to say thank you to all the ladies on the group and you and Shamielan for running this amazing group and thank you all for your support.


Did you enjoy this interview?Do you have any questions for Razia?Let us know in the comments below.

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