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Eye(Brow) woke up like this;the importance of a great eyebrow

As we know there are plenty of eyebrow jokes/memes that do the rounds all over the internet, about wiping off our brows etc and they are hilarious. Personally for me though if my brows aren’t filled in I just don’t feel like my make up look is complete.For me a good brow is not a hard and fast type of thing. A good brow to me is a clean,well shaped (to suit your face ) eyebrow.

                    Eyebrows are important to me because it frames the face- Shamiela Dout

eyebrow memes

I’m not sure when we started filling in , drawing new ones and started microblading but, I’m not sure I remember a time when we didn’t do it lol,like who even starts these trends lol(I’m glad they did though) because the stripe of eyebrows I used to wear well,let’s just leave it at that.

1920's eyebrow

There are so many different types of brow products on the market, where does one start and how do we know if we are doing our eyebrows correctly.

Well as a resource youtube will definitely be your best friend but it also takes a long time to really figure out what’s best for you and what type of products you prefer.essence eyebrow kit

When I started filling in my brows I was using an essence eyebrow powder and I thought that I would never use anything else,until… Waydee gifted me a Benefit Goof Proof eyebrow pencil(which I accidently broke just recently) that I have been using for more than a year now and I am totally in love with it- it has a slanted tip so even a novice like me is able to use it without too much trouble and it is such a soft product so if you make a mistake you can simply just wipe it away, I still have a powder product which I use the Black Opal eyebrow shaper kit that comes with a slanted brush to create the perfect brow .I haven’t graduated to a pomade like the ABH cult favourite but will be sure to let you guys know what my thoughts are when I do.

ABH Eyebrow pomadeA few things I learnt about doing brows:

  • To find your perfect shape you need to trace an invisible line from the tip of your nose to your eyebrow this is where your brow should start,then slant it to the middle that will be your arch and then on the tip slanted to find the end of your brow

eyebrow shape guide

  • Always uses a shade lighter than your hair to fill in your brows for a more subtle natural look
  • Follow your own brow shape
  • To keep your brows tame you can also spray some hair spray onto a spoolie and brush it through your brows.

I did a poll in the group to see which product you guys loved the most and on top of that list was the ABH brow pomade came out tops – can be purchased by Beauty Gifts by Melanie

The main reason a good shape is so important is because it can emphasize and frame the eyes, making your face look more aesthetically balanced overall. A flattering and aesthetically correct brow shape can make one look 10 years younger whereas an incorrect shape can do the opposite and make one look 10 years older! – Melissa Reed

Today I will be featuring a few products that are currently available on the market:



Palladio brow powder : Their claim easily enhance and define your brows.Comes in three shades; Dark Brown,Auburn and Taupe

I really like the finish this product gives, Amy used this when she did my make up for the Cape Town expo this year and I must say,my brows were on fleek(even though I didn’t have time to get it waxed).

palladio eyebrow powder


Black Opal ColorSplurge Brow shaper Kit:Their claim, perfect quick-fix to sculpt accentuate arches and supplement areas where brow hairs are scarce.

I have previously done a first impressions(please sub to our youtube channel) on this product and I absolutely love it,it comes with an applicator that helps you create the perfect brow.

black opal eyebrow powder


Bionike Defence Colour Natural Brow :the delicate yet compact texture allows to draw eyebrows very precisely and fill in less defined areas. It comes in 2 colours blonde and brune

This a very nice natural pencil- it fills in very nicely ,I  used the blonde and before using it I actually thought it will be a bit too light but it wasn’t and created a nice soft brow-keep in mind my eyebrows were very unruly and it even disguised that lol

bionike eyebrow pencil

LA Girl shady slim brow pencil: Shady Slim Brow Pencil is the perfect way to get fuller, beautifully sculpted brows. Shape and fill brows with the retractable super skinny tip to create natural looking hair-like strokes. Use the opposite end spoolie to brush and blend brow color for a finished look.This comes in 10 different shades.

This pencil goes for R85 and is the closest to the kabrow for me.Some also say it is a nice dupe for the NYX Microbrow.nyx vs la girl eyebrow pencil


la girl eyebrow pencilnyx eyebrow pencil


What is your favourite eyebrow product?Let us know in the comments below

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