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Transformations and My(curly girl) wash routine

Hello hunnies,I started my natural hair journey a few months ago, because I just loved seeing all the curly girls rocking their beautiful crowns. Although the curl returned after years of straightening my hair with a flat iron, I lacked volume.This is mainly because I have fine hair that’s not very dense.

A few weeks ago Charnelle and I headed off to Excentric hair salon in Sea Point for some hair transformations✂

In our consultation our stylist Rosadah explained that a good haircut can sort out the issue I was having. I did not have a style in mind, I just wanted volume. The stylist suggested that I cut my hair shorter and add layers. I was up for that, the longer the hair the heavier it is resulting in a looser curl and I wanted more defined curly curls.

If you do decide to go curly remember that your hair will look shorter so go a little bit longer than you want too, take shrinkage into account. I have never had short hair EVER, so this is a major adjustment for me. Im still getting use to it but so far I’m liking it.

One of the main reasons I went natural was because I thought it would be easier to style…how wrong was I? It takes just as long as heat styling😢

Drying takes forever in winter, I got so fed up that I bought a hairdryer to help shorten drying time. I won’t be using it in summer but in winter it’s a must. I use it on a cool setting as one of the things that naturalista’s should avoid is heat.

I won’t say that I do the curly girl method exactly as it should be done as it’s very restrictive and EXPENSIVE. But I do try to stick to it as much as possible.

See how fine my hair is😢😢😢

When choosing products for curly hair;

There should be no silicones, sulphates, drying alcohol, wax or parabeans in any of the products. I do not use a regular towel, I either use a cotton tshirt or a microfiber towel. Check out my review on the Noughty products here

To detangle- a wide tooth comb or a denman brush can work, lately I have been detangling with my fingers.  Always start detangling from the ends of your hair working your way up.


I shampoo, concentrating on really cleaning the scalp, I do not scrub the length of my hair, when I rinse the shampoo the length gets cleaned that way.
Squeeze (not wringe) out the water with no towel

My favourite products to use

Apply deep conditioner to the length of the hair, no products are applied to the scalp

I detangle starting from the ends of my hair working my way up with a wide tooth comb

I then leave on Deep Conditioner(DC) for 30 mins or if heat is applied 15 mins , then I rinse

I mixed the conditioner with the leave-in conditioner to the length of the hair, scrunch to form curls, plop for 10min

I then scrunch in the curl activator to the length of my hair.

Let it air dry

When I diffuse I would let my hair air dry for about 1 hour,and the dryer would be on a low heat setting, using the pixie diffusing method.

Pixie diffusing

Flip hair over and take one small section of hair. Place it on the diffuser and dry it by pushing up
Shut off dryer, move to next section, then start again.

Once hair is completely dry and hard cast is formed, hair is scrunched to break the cast.

Roots are picked with an afro comb for a little more volume, then it’s done.

Tips to create more volume
Do not over saturate your hair with product
Don’t apply product to your scalp, it flattens the roots.
Use a clarifying shampoo about once a month to remove buildup
Pick your roots when your hair is completely dry.

If you can, do all the steps with your hair flipped forward, starting from the wash. It may put strain on your back, so please be careful

Our Transformations

Check out the video below for our hair transformations.We also have some awesome discounts for you to use at Excentric hair salon;

BSS500-R 500 off a transformation(double process colour, olaplex, cut and blow)

BSS200 -R 200 off embrace your curl package(ladies cut, treatment and styling of choice)

BSS- R 100 off any hair service from R 200 upwards
with Rosadah at Excentric on regent only.

If you have any further questions regarding Hair care and transformations,let us know  in the comments below and we will answer them in our next post


5 thoughts on “Transformations and My(curly girl) wash routine

  1. Your curls are gorgeous!!! I have naturally curly hair too and my hair is also very fine. I struggle with breakage though – maybe it’s the scarf, I dunno. Maybe I should try some of those hair products you like – I see Clicks stocks em. 🙂

    1. Hi Ferowza
      It could be the scarf maybe try a satin under scarf, cotton and chiffon does break hair alot but I know a satin scarf never stays in place😂 What also helps with breakage is protein and moisture masques and detangling your hair when its wet and loaded with conditioner

  2. This is an amazing Review … I have natural wavey hair .. but I loooove curls too .. but damn it’s alotta stuff that u. Have to do for defined curls Poppie . Keep up wth the Amazeballzzz 🔥 posts❤️❤️👌👌🔥 btw. You looking absolutely beautiful 😍

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