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All about the base: Foundation review/Dupes

Hey hunnies!For the longest time we always said on the group that Revlon Stay Active Foundation was a dupe for Eeste Lauder Double Wear foundation, albeit there was some dissension on the colour of the top! I needed something more affordable to use everyday-never mind that I have 12 other foundations🙈And I found it!…..Milani 2 in 1 foundation

So lets compare these 3 foundations

foundation three


Now with all the foundations I have, nothing compares to Double Wear Foundation….well maybe Kryolan. DW is a full coverage, matte foundation. I would not recommend this for dry skin types or people that hate full coverage. Alot of people complain about it being cakey, this could be because your skin is dry or you are using to much powder, nothing that a light hand and finishing spray cant fix. It does not feel heavy on my skin despite it being a full coverage foundation. I don’t have to powder, although if it’s a really hot day I would just powder my nose. It does not oxidise on me at all. One little thing that bothers me is that there’s no pump, for R590 you cant be wasting this by throwing out too much. There is a pump that you can buy separately or you can use the pump of an old mac bottle. double wear Foundation is available in 40 shades and they recently added new shades for us here in SA.
It has spf10 in it which may cause flashback when taking flash photography, but PLEASE don’t be fooled that the spf in your application is enough, you still need to wear regular shmegular sun protection under it.

Tip: if you want the coverage but not the matte look add a drop of any face oil-you really don’t need to use Farsali.

double wear foundation



Now I KNOW I’m not the only one that is confused by this brands’ formula, shade range, colour of the top or writing. It differs so much depending on the colour of the top/writing and you could have 2 exact shades and one is darker than the other. Revlons’ coverage is great, its definitely not as matte as Double wear.  It’s not a true matte, I would say its demi matte. I find that I  have to powder every 3-4 hours when wearing Revlon foundation,whereas with Double wear I can go the whole day without powdering on a normal day. It oxidises a tiny bit. I use to love this foundation (and still do despite the shades being wonky) but I cannot justify the price, Revlon in general has really gone up with their pricing. The stay active is R325 and the  cheapest Mac foundation cos R450! Revlon is defs not drugstore pricing anymore. There are 9 available shades on Revlon SA website, I could have sworn there was more🤔 But someone in the group mentioned that stay active is being discontinued.

revlon foundation


This is a good alternative to Revlon foundation. The first time I used it ,I immediately thought this is a great dupe for Revlon.
This is not a true matte foundation (just like Relvon), I would say its a demi matte. The coverage is much better than Revlon, I only need 1 1/2 pumps to get full coverage, most of the time I use 1. It gets oily for me in the same amount of time as Revlon, 3-4 hours. Nothing a little powder cant fix. It says its a concealer as well, now I reeeally can’t attest to that, I have relatively unblemished skin and don’t really have dark circles but it does do a good job at covering my blemishes when I do get a spot. It comes in 18 shades.
The only negative is it has very orange  undertones, I tried 10 Golden and thought it was too dark but when i bought the 09 Tan I realised it wasn’t the shade but the undertone, though it was a little less intense in 09 Tan. Best of all is the price! It costs R150!. If you in JHB you can go to their store, if not shipping is R100 although I swear I paid R50/R60. Milani please come to CPT! I think what puts alot of people off purchasing foundation online is that they cannot swatch the foundation on their skin

If you want to splurge on a foundation,I will defs reccommend DW, if you want full coverage but not the price tag Milani is what I would go for.What is your favourite foundation?

milani foundation

If you are in the market for a new foundation but still not sure what to go for after this post.Be sure to join us at our expo on 28th July there will be many vendors there,ready to assist you to find the perfect fit for you.

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  1. Love this!!!!!!!

    Could we get posters to do this for all skin tones? I know some companies aren’t too great with their shades and very limited to our awesome south african diversities, but perhaps some one can do dupes for fair skins like me (I would love to know how catrice compare for instance) and others might find value in black opal or black radiance?

    1. Hi Jo,thanks so much for taking time out to read the post,we really appreciate it. Thank you for the amazing suggestion,we will definitely look into it 😘

    1. Hi Humairaa,thank you so much for taking time out to read our post.Why don’t you sell it on the group and then get yourself a lighter colour

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