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Mineraline Re-launch and first impressions

Last week Monday I was jetted of to JHB for the re-launch of the Mineraline bath and body products in Dischem.

Mineraline has been in Dischem for a while now but Shamiela and myself only found out about it last year December when we got a few products to use as spot prizes at our JHB Expo. We got the vanilla scented body scrub which ,we have fallen head over heels about. I only started using a body scrub recently and when I started using this one I immediately knew that this is definitely a scrub that I will be using for a very long time. This scrub is oil based and contains sweet almond oil which has moisturising properties so basically a 2 in 1 .Being a mom of three it was a God send because once you rinse the scrub off your skin is still moisturized, so no need to apply lotion after you get out of the bath/shower.So when I received the invitation to the launch I was extremely excited to see what else the brand had to offer.

When we arrived we had the amazing opportunity to have dinner with the  of Executive Director of Derma Beauty Labs who are the manufacturers of   Mineraline, Raya. An extremely beautiful ,down to earth woman. Her main priority is to provide high quality products that is accessible to all.

Mineraline Raya
Telling us more about the amazing products Mineraline has and how it all started

We also got to meet Shlomi  who is the chief chemist of Derma Beauty Labs. I have learnt so much from him in the short period that we got to converse. Ofcourse, Shamiela being our resident skincare guru I wanted to impress her with my new found knowledge and her response to me was , you didn’t have to fly all the way to JHB you could have just asked me hehehe.

Tuesday morning we had breakfast at the hotel and then headed to the spa for some much needed pamper time. Everything was beautifully prepared and set up for us when we arrived and the beauty consults were ready to treat us.

Margot and myself decided to have our Neck and shoulder massage first, we then had our hand massage with the mineraline body scrub,they used the strawberry scented one and then massaged it with the Mineraline hand lotion and applied Mineraline cuticle oil to our cuticles. We then headed to the flotation pool which was an experience and a half,it’s a body temperature warm pool filled with Epsom salts,so when you get into it and relax it lifts you up and you float,super relaxing,it’s extremely hot in the room,so you are advised to take a cold shower to cool down and rinse off all the Epsom salts from your body.Thereafter we had our foot massages again they used the Minerlaine body and then massaged our feet with the Mineraline foot cream. We then headed to the Rhasul Chamber where we had to scrub our bodies and then cover ourselves in the MineralineBody Mud and sit down to steam lol. Although many of the other ladies loved the  Rhasul Chamber my favourite was the flotation pool.

Mineraline Neck and Shoulder massage

Mineraline Foot Massage


Mineraline products are all enriched with minerals from the dead sea. The Dead Sea has been revered for centuries for it’s high mineral content, including magnesium, sodium, calcium, bromide, iodine, zinc, sulphur, and potassium. People have made their way to the area to harvest the salt and mud the river has to offer.Fun Fact: The Sea is actually a land-locked lake. Raya’s parents’ also took her sister there when she was very young. She was suffering from eczema and it sorted her skin out almost immediately and that is when Raya learnt of the amazing power it holds.

Today, it has become a  popular tourist destination and visitors from all over the world, journey to enjoy the sheer pleasure of floating weightlessly(I think I got a taste of this when I was in the floatation pool) in the Dead Sea’s warm buoyant water.

Both the salt and the mud are highly-regarded for their skincare benefits. Clinical findings have demonstrated that:  Dead Sea minerals increase skin cell renewal and the extracts also decrease the expression of some aging markers  and limit cell damage caused by UVB exposure.

Mineraline Ranges

Mineraline have different ranges for each skin concern you may have, it has a

  • General skin care range
  • Anti-aging
  • A range to soothe troubled skin which also contains aloe vera
  • A clarifying range created specially for the unique concerns of acne-prone skin
  • Exfoliate and Purify
  • Rejuvenate
  • Hydrate and rebalance
Mineraline Products
Goodies we got at the launch

After I took all the pics I needed to I started using the products on Wednesday and am happy to say that I have seen some great signs.

Products I have tried

Minerline Purify Deep Cleansing Gel

This gel is from the Exfoliate and Purify range, it leaves your skin feeling and looking clean, I also use it with the Dquip Facial Cleanser that we also received at the event. It’s a thin consistency, but a little goes a long way with a very strong chemical smell.

Mineraline Purify Cleansing Gel

Mineraline Antioxidant Vitaserum

This is the product I was the most excited  about due to the fact that I have started getting some pigmentation on my face (and also maybe just a little bit because it sounds like Veritaserum,where my HP stans at?). I also noticed that recently this has been a common problem coming up on the group. I spoke to Shamiela and Tamsin and both of them recommended a product containing Vitamin C and lots of sunscreen to prevent it from reoccurring.I started using these products on Wednesday and already I can see a difference,my pigmentation is much lighter. The greatest part for me is that the vitamin C contained in this product will last for much longer than other brands due to the type of extract used for this active ingredient.The packaging is extremely pretty as well with a misty bottle and silver top,The multi-coloured vitamin beads are meant to dissolve as you pump,which releases the powerful ingredients.It’s also a very thin consistency and has a very mild citrus fragrance,it doesn’t feel heavy on your skin either.This Serum is part of the Mineraline Rejuvenate Range

Mineraline Antioxidant Vitaserum


Mineraline Super Hydrating Day Cream

This product falls under the Hydrate and re balance range and is made for my extremely dehydrated skin.The unique formulation is like a steroid for the purifying benefits of the minerals extracted from the dead sea with potent ingredients like Butyrospermum Parkii Butter(Shea Butter). This moisturiser will aid the absorbtion the anti-oxidant benefits of vitamin E and Rosemary leaf Extract,thus healing damage you may not even see.I have also noticed that since following this skincare routine my make up has gone on so much more smoother,  even hubby noted how great my make up looked on Saturday. A trend that I have noticed with all of these products are that it is a very thin consistency  and has a light feel on the skin,so you don’t feel like you a layering too much products on top of each other.This cream has a rose scent which stays on your skin if you don’t apply anything over it.Mineraline Super Hydrating Day Cream

Purify Gentle Bi-Phase Makeup remover

Although I am mentioning this product last,it is definitely not the least! I have tried many,make up remover’s,micellear waters ,cleansing oils etc to remove my make up (when I remember after a night out) to pre cleanse my face and until now my favourite was definitely the make up remover cloth that was gifted to me by one of the vendors at our CPT Expo . This make up remover really surprised me, I applied some on to my cotton pad and gently rubbed it over my eye and poof the eyeshadow was gone,also, I was not wearing just any eyeshadow I was wearing Juvias and we all know how pigmented that is and not a trace was left behind,I only needed to use two pumps to clean my entire face.This already had me shook,but when I was done and my face was not dried out I was Shooketh, it had moisturized my skin at the same time.The formula replaces your makeup with Dead Sea minerals, Aloe Vera and moisturizing vitamins and forms part of the Mineraline Exfoliate and Purify

The packaging is nice and sturdy,plastic.It also has a double cap,most probably to prevent a messy situation and it has a lovely sweet smell.

Purify Gentle Bi-Phase Makeup remover


The products that I have tried and tested have thoroughly impressed me.I used the Purify Regenerating Dead Sea Facial Mud Mask but decided that I will give you guys an update on that once I have used it a couple more times. It left my skin looking bright and clean.

These are products that I will definitely recommend too anyone looking to try some new skincare products. It is not very often that you come across a product that delivers on it’s claims. I am very glad that I was able to test these products and share my thoughts on them with you. I regret not taking pics of my pigmentation before I started using them. Keep your eyes on our social media, I will share some progress pics on there.

Mineraline is currently running a crazy special on their products with Dischem Beauty Fair, so if you want to try it out there is no better time!When you purchase 3 Mineraline products you will receive a free DQuip facial cleanser machine. Prices start from R95

dischem beauty fair Mineraline specialsMineraline Neck and Shoulder massage

Happy Shopping











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  1. Brilliant in-depth review !😍😍😍🎉🙏🙏💕💗 Looove it🎉🎉🎉 Keep on what you doing… thank you for the revew babes🙏💗

  2. I love Mineraline products – Time It! Is a fantastic range especially the serum – I can’t live without it lol
    I get many compliments on my skin – thanks to Mineraline. Is it available in the U.K.?

  3. My MINERALINE PRODUCT – Time It SERUM never worked – the dispenser device doesn’t press down.
    Took it back to Dischem, who refused to replace it as the product was purchased in October.
    Despite my pleas of having spent most the time in hospital Dischem said contact the agents.
    Needless to say I won’t be using Dischem again…but I would love to try Time it! – if I could get it out of the fancy bottle.
    Any ideas??

    1. I’m so sorry about the hassle you went through and I hope you are feeling better. The pump can be unscrewed maybe decant it into a amber glass bottle 🙂

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