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Who’s that Curl – Curl Chemistry Review

Hi Guys. Curl Chemistry were kind enough to sponsor us some hair kits. Some to give away as spot prizes for the JHB Expo and others to try out and share the results with you.

Curl Chemistry hair kit

This is a proudly South African brand! Even better ,it was established in our home town, CAPE TOWN in 2016 by the lovely Liesl Katzen♥️♥️♥️

The Curl Chemistry hair kit contains all you need to start your curly hair journey. In it you will find the Curl Chemistry sulphate free shampoo, deep conditioning treatment and curl activator

All products are parabean, mineral oil, silcone and sulphate free. According to the website they are vegan friendly too.
Even though this is geared towards curly girls anyone can use it, as it does not contains any hair baddies. Its kid friendly and hair dye friendly too.👼🏽👫 Who knows there may just be a curly hidden somewhere inside of you😉

All 3 products smells like peaches to me.I asked Gamieda what she thinks it smells like, and she said pomegranate. I was like oh you so fancy eating pomegranates, her reply was “it says pomegranates on the the bottle😐”😂
It also contains:Coconut Oil, Argan Oil, Shea Butter, Avocado Oil and Castor Oil.

I have fine, long hair so I need to use products that are lightweight so it doesn’t weigh down my hair.

Curl Chemistry Sulphate Free Shampoo R75 for 250ml:

This a clear liquid, it foams up really well for a sulphate free product, so you only need to use the tiniest amount.

Curl Chemistry Deep Conditioning Treatment R80 for 250ml:

This product is not very thick, I think I went a bit overboard cos I’m use to a thicker consistency. You apply it to cleaned wet hair and leave on for 10-20 minutes. Some ladies apply a shower cap and a little heat which aides in deeper penetration. Rinse out and apply the curl activating cream to damp hair

Curl Chemistry Curl Activating Cream R105 for 250ml :

Out of all 3 product this has the thickest consistencey. I applied this to just the length of my hair, from the ear length down to avoid flattening my roots with product. Don’t forget to scrunch the hair to define curls. You do not rinse it out.
After I apply my activating cream I plop my hair with a cotton T-shirt to form my curls for about 1 hour then air dry.


Curl Chemistry offers a sample pack for R140 containing 100ml shampoo, 125ml deep condtioner and 125ml curl activator.  I wish more brands would do this its such a great idea to try a product without buying a full sized one, just in case it doesnt work for you.

They also have a combo deal which is slightly cheaper than buying full sized individual products, it costs R250 for all 3 products

Curl Chemstry is an online store you can purchase by clicking here. They also have a list of reps nationwide

Overall I liked these products, I like that there’s only 3 easy steps to follow. This saves time and money. My curls came out spiraling, I wanted more volume but I’m not giving up, maybe I used to much deep conditioner. I know there’s many curlies on BSS that love this product, it really just depends on your hair type as well. My biggest struggle is getting volume in my hair whereas some ladies don’t need that and prefer the more spiraled look.  The deep conditioner has amazing slip which helps with tangles. I hope to see more amazing products from this brand if not, the 3 products that they do have is all a curly needs.Coco even said that the deep conditioner worked well for her dry,peroxide damaged hair and because of the sulphate free component it also helped her colour last longer.

curl chemistry hair results

Curl Chemistry Hair
I recommend giving it a try, specially as its homegrown…we got to be supporting our fellow South Africans in these streets😘




2 thoughts on “Who’s that Curl – Curl Chemistry Review

  1. Wooow impressive 😱😱 your hair looks AMAZING.. soo HEALTHY😍😍😍👌👌 .. THANK you for the awesome review ..and sharing with us💗💗💗 .

  2. Love this stuff!!
    Great & honest review Shamiela-
    😂 I’m in stitches over the pomegranate comment Lol,You funny!
    I bought a set when they had a black friday deal last year,easy checkout,Super fast delivery & came with a personalized hand written curl chemistry postcard very cute.

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