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Noughty Hair Care, keeping your Noughty-s at bay

Hello Queens.The older I get the lazier I become and I would do anything to shorten my beauty routine. A few months ago I decided I don’t have time to heat style my hair, there’s more important things that needs to be done…like sleeping😂. In October Char and I attended the Sunpac event and they had a whole range of curly girl products, just in time for me as I was stopping the heat styling. I’m slowing working my way through what works for me. One of the products I was amped to try was the Noughty range.



So a few weeks ago Noughty sent us some products to send to our reviewers to test and review. Our 2 lucky reviewers were Miksha Subban and Roxanne Gomes below we will share our thoughts with you.

noughty miksha
Miksha is a Durban based student,she is adventurous and willing to undertake new and daring opportunities  She has thick naturally curly hair.



noughty rene
Working, 12 hour shift as a icu nurse. I’m a mom. Hair type coarse, color treated and frizzy.











Now going curly you have to stop using sulfates and silicone’s. Noughty does not contain these ingredients and it also has no parabens and petrochemicals. Its 97% natural and also VEGAN FRIENDLY🐰🐇🐰🐇

Noughty has a full range of products to suit every hair type, not just curly girls.My hair is extremely fine and curly. Not as curly as it use to be because, I kept myself big with hair irons, now I’m working on getting my curls back

noughty sham and coco
Day after wash day no extra products or refreshing needed to get those curls popping!

 N0ughty Rise & Shine Shampoo R150 200ml

Only girls that are blind as bats will understand this, we have to actually be able see our shampoo once we remove our specs. Mom came in the bathroom and asked why is the shampoo laying in the bath. The Noughty shampoo has a clear thin jelly like consistency so ya’ll understand, ek kan dit nie so lekker sien as my brille af is nie😐. This shampoo does not foam, many sulfate free shampoos either foam less or not at all, your hair it still being cleaned though. The foam we see in traditional shampoo is actually bad for our hair as it strips all the oils from your head. Ever noticed how you have to wash you hair every 2-3 days? Your scalp is over producing oil cause its dry as the Sahara Desert. I will admit that it takes some time to get use to a shampoo that has no bubbles, how am I going to make a shampoo Mohawk!😦 If you are a first time user of products that contain natural ingredients it takes approximately 8 washes for your hair to get used to it.

Lets just talk about how amazing it smells! It has a soft floral scent, its infused with
Blue mallow flower,
Rosemary leaf oil- rosemary helps stimulate hair growth,
Patchouli oil,
Jojoba oil- this oil is the closest to the sebum we naturally produce, which helps with dry scalp, it also adds shine and lustre to your hair

I give it a 5 out of 5, it has a very soft smell that is not overpowering but you can still smell it in your hair

noughty shampoo

RENE says:

All the products have a nice clean healthy herbal smell but not offensive.

Shampoo- left my hair extremely tangled more than usual

I give it a 4/5

Miksha says:

The smell is just heavenly! So light yet so refreshing and sweet.The texture is shimmery and light and lathers up really well so no complaints there, furthermore it rinses off quite easily.

I give it a 5/5

N0ughty Rise & Shine Conditioner R150 250ml

The smell of the conditioner is the same as shampoo. The consistency is thicker than the shampoo and it is a white colour. I have fine hair  so I cannot use products that are to creamy and heavy, it weighs my hair down. The goal is to have a bossie kop, ain’t no one got time for flat roots. I also think this helps as there is less product buildup.
I tried reverse washing where I wash my hair with conditioner instead of shampoo, then wash the conditioner out with shampoo….it was life changing! My curls were so airy and light! Yet still defined

RENE says: The conditioner was fairly average for me as I still needed extra products for moisture

Miksha Says:  The Conditioner’s scent is not as strong as the shampoo but it still smells heavenly.

noughty con
Curls starting to form after using the N0ughty Conditioner

N0ughty Intensive Care Leave in Conditioner R150 150ml

I like this, its not heavy which is always a plus as you do not wash it out so it wont weigh down your hair. It wont cause product buildup because it contains no silicone’s, and your hair can actually absorb moisture from the air because unlike products laden with silicone’s that prevent absorbtion this product allows all that goodness in. I always apply product say from where my ear is down the shaft of my hair. Never on my scalp and roots, having fine hair is a real struggle😭 but I have not experienced lanky hair after using this.

RENE says: The leave in conditioner has a non sticky non chunky texture, I love this in a leave in product. I am currently on holiday and I can tell you, it is an absolute must for curly hair girls especially in humid conditions. It rescues my curls and tames the frizz everyday!.The Noughty Leave in conditioner is a unique product so therefore good value, also a little goes a long way, so I’m sure it would last for awhile

noughty inensive care
Oh yes gal…got distracted by that wing liner👏🏽

Price Point : Noughty or Nice?

You can grab your N0ughty products from clicks AND its currently 3 for 2 until 24 December 2017

RENE Says: 3/5 I found the leave in conditioner worth it. Shampoo and conditioner fairly average so not worth R100

MIKSHA Says:4/5 To some the price may be a bit too much. However, considering the fact that the products are not only vegetarian and Vegan friendly , they are also 97% natural! So I would say that the price is reasonable. You got to dig a little deeper for quality right?

noughty rene


MIKSHA says: 4/5 It is totally worth every penny. The shampoo and conditioner comes in 250ml bottle which means it’ll last you a long time. Considering the fact that with the conditioner you only need a pea sized amount , the price is reasonable . The leave-in conditioner comes in a 150ml bottle which will last quite a while.


RENE says:   The products are fresh looking. Spring colours and modern. Two thumbs up

MIKSHA says: The packaging is quite appealing yet so professional. It’s pretty and the colours are soft and not complicated . So hats off to the marketing team

noughty rene 2


Miksha says: 5/5 Upon receiving the products , I have used them twice and the results are amazing. My hair feels and looks healthy . The lightness of the products allows my curls to look natural and bouncy!

RENE says: Leave in conditioner-4 /5 excellent for keeping away frizz and providing a shapely soft natural curl!

noughty results


RENE says: I would definitely reccomend the leave in conditioner for anyone that needs to keep the hair disciplined.

MIKSHA says: I would definitely recommend this product. Most hair products on the market contain harmful ingredients which can cause a lot of damage to the hair. However, Noughty Haircare is not only vegetarian and vegan friendly but they are 97% natural! I mean what more could one ask for?

Have you tried this product?Let us know how you liked it in the comments section below.

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Let your hair crowns shine until next time😘

Shamiela, Miksha and Rene




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