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Black Charcoal Mask ,Hydra-Intense

Hi Queens!Today’s post as the title says is all about the TT Mask SA hydra-intense black  charcoal mask.It is here currently on special on their website for R49.00

tt mask sa black charcoal mask

This mask promises to plump up dehydrated skin and makes it noticeably softer after each application.

The directions state that you must take the mask out and position it accordingly with the open spaces aligning with your eyes,nose and mouth.Then press mask firmly with both hands till it adheres to the skin.

black charcoal mask


This, was not necessary as it basically adhered to my skin immediately. The material of the mask itself is so luxurious and product was not spared.it was even so sad to throw the rest of the product away as this mask is non-reusable(Sham said I should have put the excess on my hubby’s skin lol).

The mask needs to be left on the face for 15-20 minutes, so once applied I went to my laptop to pass the time,  but my baby was not having any of it lol, he refused to look at me while my middle son was excited to see me with it on and said I am wearing a super hero mask.


This was my second time wearing a sheet mask and compared to the first time it was a very pleasant experience. The main difference is that the previous one did not have any “play” whereas this  mask conforms to your face. Which makes sure that every nook and cranny is covered in this luxurious material.

TT Masks promise the ultimate mask experience and I can surely say that they have not disappointed.

black charcoal mask

After removing the black charcoal mask ,my face looked pretty and plump and the pimple I had on my check was not as painful anymore(I only saw on the warnings after I used the mask that you shouldn’t use the black charcoal mask on any wounded,inflamed or uncomfortable skin parts lol).

There was plenty of excess product left on my skin and I massaged it any as instructed on the package.Like I said above, I was so sad to be throwing so much product away and I squeezed anything I could get out of  the sachet and massaged that into my skin. NO,Shamiela, I did not cut it(coz ya’ll know she is going to comment something to that effect lol).My face did feel softer than usual but this will obviously heed better results over a longer time and more regular use of the mask.

After I let it dry for a while my skin did feel a bit dry,but it is definitely a good dry because it felt nice and firm as well.The mask is formulated to boost the skin’s metabolism for faster essence absorption leaving parched skin intensly hydrated, by means of the activated charcoal.

There are 4 different black charcoal mask variants in the range namely, the balancing mask,radiant transformation(brightening) mask,gold hydrating mask and the one that I am reviewing. I can’t wait to try them all.

They will also be at our JHB Beauty Expo in the next 2 weeks so JHB hunnies you an come grab some of your favourites.

We also have a post on how to do a charcoal mask at home here, but I am such a ditz I can never get things like that right.

black charcoal mask

Peace and love



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  1. Great review. I am yet to use my mask that I received in my BSS Expo goodie bag as yet and this gave me an idea of what to expect. You middle son’s comment about the ‘superhero mask’ was so cute!

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