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Dare Makeup : Matt Lip Gloss Review and Swatches

Hey Lovlies

We were introduced to the amazing local colour cosmetics brand Dare Makeup this year at the Beauty Swop or Sale Expo that was hosted on the 26th August and BSS is currently busy with arrangements  for the Johannesburg Beauty Expo that will be hosted on 2 December at the Cedarwoods of Sandton Hotel, vendor applications are still open.

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daremakeup- llevona

My name is Llevona Samuels and I am a 22 year old Capetonian, lover of all things beauty and the colour green lol. I am currently studying physiotherapy at UCT and in between crazy deadlines my mind is on makeup. I have just recently become a makeup addict, just over a year ago and I enjoy watching makeup tutorials and playing around with makeup attempting to create new looks. Joining the BSS group has helped guide me along my makeup journey.

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In August 2017, 3 local entrepreneurs (Directors; Robbie Setton, Michelle Rolfe and Pete Brooke-Summer) came together to fill a gap within the local South African cosmetics industry and the company ColourEnvy was born. Dare Makeup is ColourEnvy’s first makeup range and aims to get individuals to embrace being bold and daring by expressing their feelings and creativity through makeup.

Dare makeup is being sold exclusively online with the growing trend in online shopping and convenience for customers.  Michelle Rolfe expresses that they would like to accompany women on the journey to self-acceptance and their core message being to re-invent beauty ideals to your own standard.  The Dare makeup range consists of: eyeshadow, gel effect nailpolish, matt lipstick, super shimmer lipgloss, shimmer dust, matt lipgloss, lipliners and mascara. Even with the variety in products, ColourEnvy plan to launch further makeup ranges online beyond Dare makeup. Best part is – FREE SHIPPING!!!

There are 7 matt lip glosses in the Dare Makeup Matt lip gloss range  and I have tried out 4 colours.


Dare Makeup - matt lip gloss arm swatches


Dare Makeup -Matt Lip Gloss Lip Swatches

Shamiela and Llevona weighed in with there thoughts and this is a summary of there thoughts.

I love their matt lipgloss range!

Packaging: It reminds me a lot of DOSE of Colours liquid lipsticks. The tube is made of frosted plastic, with the shade name and number on the bottom on a sticker

Consistency:The consistency has a light oiliness to it which allows for smooth, moisturising application. I really like that you do not need a huge amount of product for one application.The formula is thin but not runny.

Smell: It has a faint smell that I cant place but its not unpleasant

Drying time: takes about 30 seconds to a minute to dry down.

Feeling on lips: Its very light weight and not sticky once dry, can be a bit chalky when wearing it for too long. It kinda feels like my lime crime liquid lipstick but not as smooth

Opacity: the lighter shades are patchy and the more I tried to get a consistent, smooth look it just became a crusty/flakey mess

The darker shades were much better to work with, my favs where the berry and vamp, its nice an opague

Longevity: It lasts 3-4 hours with no touch ups, once dry it didn’t transfer to my glass. When eating oily foods it did come off quite a bit and left a ring around the outline of my lips, but this happens with any liquid lipstick I use.

Best part is it is non-drying and long wearing, however when removing it you don’t need to scrub your lips off, if you struggle a bit use an oil like coconutoil to remove it

Thoughts on each Colour:

Nude: This shade was  disastrous on my complexion. It looked like I applied concealer to my lips and it was very patchy and cracking.

Fugde: It looks like a caramel colour on my lips, I kinda liked it. It wasn’t as hard to work with like the nude

Berry: I love this shade, there was no struggling. One swipe and it looked amazing. Beautiful summer shade

Vamp: This is more is more up my alley, I basically just own red and brown lipsticks as I think those shades suit me

( This one is Coco’s fav)

Yay or Nay

Definitely a YaY for the darker shades but the lighter ones just did not work for me, I started liking the fudge but it takes to much effort to get it to apply evenly. The nude was a definite no for me the colour was all types of wrong
Berry and Vampy was perfect applied smoothly and no patchness.

Have you tried anything from their range? Let us know your thoughts

Lots of of love

Llevona and Shamiela

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