Excentric Hair Salon Review: From Brown to Grey

As many of you know, I have been attempting to go grey since last year November(been wanting to do it for the past 3 years already) so when Excentric Hair Salon contacted me to come for a free treatment, you best believe this was what I requested.

Excentric owner Flo and Safeera

From the moment I entered till the moment I left I felt at ease, relaxed and catered to. When reading business articles the buzz word personal touch always pops up, and I can tell you Excentric has mastered this art right to the T(they also offer you free Tea and coffee), what impressed me on arrival is the fact that, I had made a post and tagged them in it and Safeerah commented about it when she welcomed me, this is a clear indication to me that they are in touch and engaged with their current and prospective clients.

I obviously didn’t heed the warning of the professional stylists in the group and attempted to start the process on my own with the help of a other stylist(which is amazing but,i just don’t think these crazy colours are her thing).So I started the lightening process, atleast I listened when they said you can’t lighten it all in one go.

hair: going from Dark to light

I really loved the colour of the last pic, but by this time my hair was already kentucky fried lol and all I could do was try to keep it as good a condition as was possible, I was using John Frieda purple shampoo to keep it toned and then I started to use the bhave products also samples sent to me by the brand, I must say it is a really great product. Not only did I see a difference after the first use, the more I used it the better my hair started feeling.I also had to cut quite a bit of my hair off as you will see in the pics below 🙂


Prior to meeting to going to Excentric to have my hair done, I was in communication with Safeera via email which made sure that I understood that going grey was not a hour or 2 job and that I should at least set aside 3 hours on the day, the 3 hours turned to 9, but I can tell you it only felt like a short while because I had completely transformed my little section into my office for the day lol 🙂 Dhanusha even interviewed me for her blog post while I was there.

The stylist that assisted me was Angie and she also had an intern assisting her, theses stylists were so knowledgeable and accommodating it was a breath of fresh air, Angie has done hair all over the world and I was just so amazed at all her amazing stories she was telling me. The atmosphere in the salon was that of learning and sharing knowledge, each and every single person in the salon can do hair and what you don’t know, there is always someone willing to assist you by showing you how to do it so that you always have the knowledge to carry with you for life. There was a stylist(will get back to this), that was assisting Angie with suggestions on which formula, percentages to do etc and I was just so in awe, because it sounded like they were chemistry, which they were , but I mean I have never heard a  stylist speak like that.

Angie and I


Excentric Hair is based in Regent Road,Seapoint and in my opinion and the many awards that the Owner Flo has won the best colour engineers in the country!

All in all I am super happy wit the outcome and can guarantee you, that when people say to not do these treatments at home, please take their advice. They had to use 16 doses of Olaplex on my hair just to save my hair from any further damage.

If you looking to have an amazing, relaxing experience while have your hair done, I will definitely recommend Excentric Hair Salon.






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  1. Wow!!! Thank you so much for this wonderful review about us. It really feels like it comes from your heart and as you know it means the world to us that you trusted us to take care of you. We look forward to having you back soon for your touch ups. We’ve added wine to the list of complimentary treats so do pop by soon. Looking forward to having you back soon. I surely will pass this onto the team as they will love hearing your lovely words.

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