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Gel Polish at home : Tutorial

Hello Lovelies. I always  admire the ladies that show off their beautiful manicures on the group. I love polish but no matter how hard I try it ALWAYS smudges!Applying polish is a mission,you better not be needing the toilet or have an itch, you can forget about surviving that without getting smudges. So I decided to look into gel polish. I asked on the group for brand recommendations and the lovely Celeste from BlueSky Shellac Cosmetics inboxed asking me to try their brand.

I received a base coat, 2 different top coats,  a nude colour and instructional leaflet

I started by washing my hands, pushing back my cuticles and shaping my nails

Gel Polish:PrepYou have to buff the shine off of your nails with a 220 grit file or high (the higher the number the finer the grit) this helps the polish adhere to the nails better
Ps: do not over buff just get the shine off, over buffing can damage and weaken your nails.

Brush off nail dust, I used an old makeup brush

Gel Polish:Prep1Then cleanse the nails of any oil or dust by wiping it with a lint free wipe and 91% alcohol

The alcohol also dehydrates the nail. You could also use acetone but avoid cuticles. BlueSky also offers nail dehydrators that you can buy separately and apply before your base coat

Gel Polish Base CoatApply base coat

Unlike normal polish a base coat is a necessity, DO NOT SKIP
Apply as close to cuticle and nail edges as possible but do not touch the cuticle or surrounding skin, this can cause lifting
Dont forget to cap you free edge, I capped mine before I painted the nail plate others cap after its personal preference

Capping the free-edge is to cover the very tip of the nail or the end of the nail with the gel polish. This way you seal the whole nail as well as the tip of the nail with the gel polish to create a good covered sealed layer on the nail surface.(we got this info from the Logik Gel Polish website, click here for the full article)

Gel Polish Curing lamp

Cure for the amount of time stated on the polish and the type of lamp you have. Its much easier to cure your four finger separate from your thumb. When curing the thumb keep your finger flat as it naturally lays at an curved angle

Gel Polish Colour CoatApply colour and cure

I had to apply 3 coats of colour as this shade is sheer(shade code 80594) but they do have more opaque shades as well(click here to see the selection). You have to cure each layer before applying the next

Gel Polish Top Coat

Apply top coat to seal everything in place and cure

Gel Polish finishing touch


After you are done there will be a tacky layer that you remove by wiping it with alcohol and a lint free wipe…you can wipe as hard as you want your polish is dry already. Wash hands again, apply cuticle oil and hand cream


Gel Polish end result

And thats it! You have have beautiful dried nails

The first time it took about an hour but thats because I didnt wana mess it up. I will do a post on how to remove it as soon as there is regrowth or whenever my lazy ass decides to remove it.

I’m impressed, it feels super weird to have dry nails after a mani, I was still touching and picking up things as if my nails were still wet. I find it to be the same amount of prep time as using normal polish…prep always takes long. The polishes had a smell, nothing unpleasant but it does not smell like traditional polish it also dissipates as soon as you are done. I really liked the base coat, it’s thicker than the other products but I managed to apply it on all 5 fingers without re-dipping

Bluesky has an amazing online store that is easy and interactive to navigate and you can find everything you need for your perfect mani…dying to try the colour changing polish, chrome and mermaid!

They are situated in Milnerton if you prefer going to a physical store

If you prefer normal nail polish, check out our review on Ice Box Colors Nail Polish(They are proudly SA company)

P.S I was sent these items to review by Bluesky Cosmetics, this is not a paid post and all opinions expressed are my own

Hugs and Kisses


4 thoughts on “Gel Polish at home : Tutorial

  1. Love this review Shamiela!!!very good for a firstimer,ur a natural!,my gel polish was all over my fingers on my 1st try,i agree prep takes a long time, alot of people asking me to do their nails,but i decline,i love doing my own,coz i can sit in bed and finish my other hand when i want 😂

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