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Homemade Masks : Waydee’s Secrets

Many ladies were interested in knowing Waydee’s homemade mask, secrets when she made her post in the group last week. She agreed to share it in a post for everyone. Please note this is not a professional, medical opinion but it has worked for her. Please consult a dermatologist if you are suffering from any skin concerns to find out if these are fine for you to use.These are not miracle remedies and take s a while before you can see results but it definitely works. You can also click here for Jasmine’s DIY Charcoal Mask and lip scrub Recipe

I got divorced 7 years ago and that is when it all started, I developed various things including stress and eczema.I didn’t even suffer from acne in my teen years.NOT.ONE.PIMPLE.

Homemade Masks

ughhh I was devastated, my skin was soo bad my legs, neck  and cheeks were the worst .It was flaky, dry and itchy.

I was under a skin specialist, and went from the 1 doctor to the next, my medical aid was exhausted before mid June because of all the medication and ointments the doctors prescribed.

A year a go 1 of my girlfriends invited me to Beauty Swop or Sale , this baby is OWNED by the amazing  the talented Charnelle Avontuur and she has a stunning moderator Shamiela Dout assisting her to manage the group . What an AMAZING GROUP, I’ve always been interested in makeup, yip as we all know, I’m a confessed MAKE-UP ADDICT🙈🙈🙈


As the months went by, I started to get to know the people in the group, I had met a few already who are like me either a supplier of make up or reseller of their unwanted makeup and that’s how I met Shamiela Dout

It was in January that I met up with Shamiela and that’s where my journey started with the love of natural homemade skincare. We went too Dischem and she introduced me too the bentonite clay,apple cider vinegar, activated charcoal and rosehip oil from soil.

FACE REGIME:  face wash / am + pm

Mix bicarbonate soda + coconut oil + honey ( SENSITIVE skin)

Mix 1 tbsp paste ( warm the honey +coconut oil) abt 10 sec till the honey is sticky

Apply on wet skin I use this daily as a face wash, don’t press to hard on skin results would be clear skin,renewing of skin cells

My HOLY Grail

Mix honey with unfiltered APPLE cider vinegar or ACV as we call it, I mix it together in a glass jar so I know I have it handy

Apply twice a day.  AM an PM NB !!! On clean face. Leave it on for about 5 min.

Note: Avoid eye area. It WILL sting your face lol . It’s normal 😍😍 its the RUSH of the blood flow, that means it’s working guuuurls👌👌

RINSE off wth luke WARM water ,then COLD WATER, To CLOSE your pores

Results? Smoother pores , Glowing skin 😍

Scars will become lighter

homemade mask honey and cinnamon


Once a month I do a homemade chemical peel to get rid of the scars it also helps to speed up the skin cell renewal process.



6 asprins

1 tablespoon freshly squeezed lemon

Mix together and apply with a  mask brush(I use my foundation brush)

Apply to the whole face up to the collar bone, we always tend to forget about our necks. Avoid eye area.

Leave on your face until totally dry

Here comes the trick…

Wet finger tips and massage in circular movements  and then rinse off as normal

Guuurls,you will be shocked, instant smoother pores and neck and brighter skin

P.S Take a before and after pic and #TuesdayTips for a possible feature on BSS instagram profile👌👌👌

HOmemade mask breakout prevention


Once that’s done, mix honey and  coconut oil with 2 drop of grape seed oil, massage onto face , remember you have stripped your skin PH, so now you need to put back moisture.

Leave on for 10 min and Viola🎉🎉🎉🎉  you are done.

I love my HONEY masks.

Mix honey with nutmeg and  fine cinnamon

Mix togethet 1 tsp of each

Leave on face for abt 20 min

Calms the skin,makes it lighter over time

homemade honey and cinnamon mask


For Dark Circles

Grate cucumber for the juice

Dip cotton wool balls in, must be cold

Leave on dark circles for about 15 min. Do it as often as u can.

Puffy Eyes?

Ice cubes

Cover ice with a cloth and put on  your eyes. It really does help

This is a pic of me 8 months into using these homemade remedies

homemade masks 8 months later





Love Waydee xxx



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    1. mask:half teaspoon bentonite clay
      half teaspoon activated charcoal
      teaspoon rose water mixed with a tiny bit of apple cider vinegar
      mix apply wait until dry wash with lukewarm water
      use toner to remove mask residue
      apply rose hip oil wait 10 min then moisturize and apply sunscreen

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