Freedom Cosmetics Has LANDED

Hey Guys!!!!!I’m uber excited about TamBeauty launching their Freedom Cosmetics range into selected Jet Mart Stores. They are Makeup Revolutions sister brand

freedom cosmetics


Nickita mentioned in the group that she bought a blush palette at the store and being the cynical people that we are we didn’t believe her…we have been disappointed in the past with people saying elf is coming to SA so please forgive us Nickita

So ya’ll know I had to check it out and its TRUE. We love affordable makeup brands and just overall the international drugstore brands so this is heaven for any makeup junkie.

They are still waiting on more inventory and the consultant said she’s not sure if the full range will be available cos I whipped out my phone and bombarded her with what I want, she was super sweet and mentioned that some of you makeup junkies have been there already

The CPT branch is in St Georges Mall , JHB has the biggest variety for the time being. Durban also has a branch in the CBD its in West Street. At the moment these are the only 3 stores that will carry the range. The consultant mentioned it will be available online but I checked and there’s nothing as yet.
The prices aren’t that much of a leap from the online stores, the palettes are almost the same price, the smaller items have the biggest price gap
The stock they are currently carrying are:
Eyeshadow palettes
Contour sticks
Brow palettes
Lipsticks, gloss and lip pencils
Eyeliner and mascara
Highlighter singles
Translucent powder

I’m so glad the bf wasn’t with, I was running around in circles checking every stand and shelf I literally could not contain myself I was giggling like a loon, taking photos, updating you guys on the group… it was overwhelming. I honestly haven’t been this excited about makeup since LA Girl launched their foundations…which in makeup terms that was years ago(actually that was a few months ago)

After I calmed the hell down I choose a few goodies.

Pro Blush Palette Bronze & Baked R130 15g
This palette had me stumped I wouldn’t say there is any blush in this palette the one matte shade is a bronzer(middle bottom) the rest has varying degrees of shimmer in it making it more of a highlighter than a blush…thankfully no chunky glitter

Left from the top 1 Champagne highlighter 2 Candy Pink highlighter 3 A darker pink highlighter Middle Row 4 Bronze Gold highlighter 5 Matte bronzed Right from top 6 Very light tan shimmer highlighter 7 Rose gold highlighter sooooo beautiful 8 Marbled highlighter


Sorry about the lighting it was an overcast day

Pro Blush Palette Peach and Bake
I was like WOW when I swatched this palette I wasn’t expecting the colour payoff that I got
This is more of a blush palette than the bronze one

Left from top Bright pink matte Light tan matte Dark tan matte Middle Light bronze shimmer highlight Candy pink marble shimmer highlight Light pink Peach Terracotta

I would honestly use these palettes for eyeshadow as well

Pro Highlight in Glow & Ambient R90 each 7.5g

Glow is a pale yellow suitable for medim-dark skin tones
Ambient is a soft pink reminds me of cotton candy suitable for fair skin tones
Glow has an amazing gold tone that gives the perfect sunkissed look even though it’s a pale yellow shade Ambient is a soft pink that would look great when doing a dewy look


The single highlighters has a bit more texture than the palette but nothing glittery. I’m extra so I’ll wear both for dimension lol

Pro Eyebrow R60 4g
This cute little palette has 3 different powder shades, 1 pomade, mini tweezers and a useless brush applicator
There was a lighter palette as well for our light skinned beauties
I love that there’s different shades of the powder so you can use the lighter shade for the start of your brow and dark shades for the middle and tail or just mix everything together like I do
You could use the pomade on its own or to set the powder

Pro Curve Mascara R50
I love the curved shape of the wand, it didn’t clump but it also didn’t curl my lashes.
It’s just the right consistency for me, not to liquid so no spider webs on the top and bottom skin. It doesn’t crumble as the day goes on

Pro Waterproof Eyeliner R40 3.1ml
Peeps if you wear specs you know the struggle…you literally have to put your face in the mirror to be able to see what you doing this is why I never bothered before but for the price I was like what the hell let’s splurge
This is my first ever eyeliner so I don’t exactly know if it’s good but I found the brush a bit to hard for my liking. It does dry quickly and does not smudge once it dries.

No more having to have it imported and worrying about delivery.
Price: the cheapest in SA prices range from R40-R160 so far
Packaging: is sleek and sturdy so you can pop it in your bag, all the palettes has a mirror making touch ups easy
Formula: it’s buttery soft and pigmented

There’s a lot of kick up and as soon as I opened the palette and highlighters I already saw there was fallout and nicks…be careful of dropping it
No shade names on the palettes

Yay or Nay
It’s a yay for me, comparing it to some of the other drugstore brands, the price compares with the others as well as the quality. My favourites so far are the mascara and highlighters, can’t wait to try the concealers if and when they finally get it.

Wouldn’t it be amazing if they bring in the whole TamBeauty line, we’ll probably loose our minds. This is definitely a good brand to start with if you a beginner…in quality and price.

XO Shamiela

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  1. Good day

    I would like to order a full range of ur products, can u kindly email me a full brochure..

    K. Fadal

    1. Hi Kuraysha, we don’t sell these products.You are welcome to mail Cosmetics Distributors with your order 🙂

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