Choose your Ice Breaker – Ice Box Colors Nail Polish Review

A couple of months ago I received a press drop from Ice Box Colors which contained 3 awesome green colours,one of my favourite being the Olive Green -Emerald Ice,I used them and totally fell in love,I was meant to do a review,but for some reason I put that on ice (hehehe,pun intended).

Ice box colors green theme
Emerald ice on the right

But now I do know why,a week or 3 ago I received another 4 colours (put names).The first thing I noticed was that there was a theme to this and thinking back so did the other,this time it was a unicorn /rainbow/mermaid theme and previously green for prosperity. They are clearly well thought out themes as they are very trend adjacent. Rainbow / Unicorn/Mermaid being very big now and a few months ago the olive/army green was very popular.

Ice box colors

Ice box Colors is a proudly South African company started by Dr Gobac (from the Dr Gobac Skincare range) and his wife.Made and formulated in Johannesburg.

The ice box colors packaging is one of their main features,they are shaped like ice blocks! This is not only adorable, but also practical because it is square so it is quite stable on the surface you will be resting it on(designed with professional manicurist in mind).The cap is rubberised and weighted so it also helps with grip in your hands which makes painting your nails so much easier.

The brush tip is broad and flat which means less strokes and less risk for your mani coming out streaky.It is quite opaqued depending on what colour you are using,for eg with the Emerald Ice you only need one coat where as if you are using the Kaleidoscope on its own and depending on effect you prefer you would need two coats.

They have a huge variety of colours available,my favourite are the glitter topper-esque polishes which you can use on its own or over an other polish to create a different look.

Ice Box Colors

Purely by fluke and still trying to figure out how he got hold of it,my little one dropped and broke one of the bottles (Mermaid Kisses, my favourite one out of this collection) and clean up was a breeze no stains on the floor,simple damp cloth and a wipe no trace left behind.

The polishes are high quality and no top coat is even needed,I wore it for 4- 5 days before I could see any visible signs of chipping and because of the shape of the brush it dries very quickly,by the time you are done applying to your second hand your first handle will be dry.The formulation is free of toxins such as Formaldehyde and Toluene

They are R99 per bottle and you can find them at the Ice box Colors stand in Edgars.

Have you tried Ice Box Colors nail polish before? What are your thoughts?

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