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PIL’ATEN BRINEA BEAUTY,Black head pore strip by Leticia Georgina Theart

Hey Beauties,

Over the past couple of weeks there has been quite a bit of interest in the new Pil’aten Blackhead strip on the group.So when Leticia posted about her experience we asked her if she would be so keen to write an article about her experience for the site for us.Leticia received this mask along with her other goodies that she won from Pink Cosmetics in our selfie competition we hosted on the group,she was the winner of week ()would like to thank you for taking the time  out to write this post for us.

Pil'aten Pink Cosmetics Prize

At first I was a bit skeptical about this product because most of the reviews I read on it made it out to be a painful process and who wants pain when all they want to do is have nice skin? But none the less I did it anyway.

The Process I followed

  • I started off by steaming my face for a few minutes to open up my pores, then I gently dabbed my face with my face cloth to get any extra wetness off.
  • Then I applied the mask and I must say it’s kind of intimidating because its so black and it looks ink lol. I put some on,it was patchy  I added more till it was an even consistency.
  • Pil'aten blackhead mask
  • I waited the required 10 to 15 minutes and as it was drying I could feel it getting tighter on my face.
  • After the 15 minutes it was time to pull it off and this was the part I wasn’t looking forward to. I started by my chin and it wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be.

After it was all off I could definitely feel a difference on my skin, it was softer and all the dry patches I had were gone which is amazing as I scrub but that never worked.

After Pil'aten blackhead mask

I would definitely give this a 10/10 even though I had no black heads to remove it made my skin softer and took away the dry patches.

Last week Jasmine did a post with a few DIY face masks for you to try,click here to see the recipe’s.

If any of you are interested in writing an article for us,you are welcome to pop me an email on info@beautyswop.co.za

Have you tried this mask before?What are your thoughts?

Peace and Love




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