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Going Banana

Hey Lovlies

When LA Girl recently launched their new foundations and strobe powders they also launched their very own Banana Powder. So I asked Char if she would be so kind as to give me a little so I can compare it to my Ben Nye Banana Powder and Sacha Butter Cup Powder…its great having friends that act as your very own supply store 🙂

LA Girl Banana Powder

What are they for?

All 3 powders are yellow toned, setting powders. It gives your skin a subtle illuminated look specially areas that are darker than the rest of your face, it also eliminates the infamous white cast that other setting powders leave behind in photos. These powders are also used to color correct surface redness and even to neutralize blue skin under eyes. It won’t eliminate it completely if the discoloration it very visible, but it will hide better.

How to use

Banana powders are great for setting areas you generally place concealer like under the eyes, in the center of the forehead, on the bridge of the nose, and the chin. You could also puff banana powders all over the face to give an overall highlighted look.


Okay so now that we all had a good laugh, let me just say I DO NOT WEAR MY MAKEUP LIKE THIS…we had a group challenge where we had to do our make up pet peeves and as you can see my peeves were going extremely extra…eyebrows, lips, contour and highlight ON FLECK….Char says she likes this look I’m not sure if she means it or making fun of me either way I have to laugh at these photos

What the above photos do show is that the areas where I placed the powder looks brighter, if I were to use a regular translucent powder it would look slightly ashy or cause flashback in photos

LA Girl Banana Powder 5g R60 available at Dischem

Out of all 3 this one is the palest yellow, its finely milled and has a dry texture and I actually had a hard time getting it to separate so you guys can see the particles. I didn’t completely blend it out in the photos but I already knew this is to light for me (it does however work if used sparingly) and I also found it to be a bit to drying. It could work if you use a good moisturizer or eye serum. This powder is best suited for pale/fair skin tones that want the highlighted look but not the ‘I just recovered from flu’ look

unblended from left to right: La Girl Banana Powder, Ben Nye Banana Powder, Sacha Buttercup Powder

Ben Nye Small 26g R555, Medium 42g R600, Large 85g R700

This is the second lightest one, its not as finely milled as the LA girl but it doesn’t feel as dry and it has a smoother texture. I think this is the perfect colour for those that are fair-medium dark. This was my first ever banana powder I haven’t experienced it looking ashy but it could if you using too much.


No Flash, bottom to top: La Girl Banana Powder, Ben Nye Banana Powder, Sacha Buttercup Powder

Sacha Butter Cup 28g R600

This is my favourite of all 3 powders and its also the most expensive 🙁 I have been using it VERY sparingly just to set under my eyes. Its pigmented, smooth, soft and leaves a silky finish. I had no problems blending this out. When I first saw it I was a bit worried, I thought this is going to make me look jaundiced and I was already loving the Ben Nye but it blended so seamlessly, leaving no telltale spotlights of yellow or ashyness. For reference I’m NC44/45 in Mac so for ladies thats more or less my skin tone and even a bit darker this is perfect. Its also the powder I used in the above photos


Flash, bottom to top: La Girl Banana Powder, Ben Nye Banana Powder, Sacha Buttercup Powder

What I like about these 3 powders is that there’s a shade intensity that suites every skin tone. These are not universal powders in my opinion. It wouldn’t suite very deep or very pale skin tones. Depending on how fair or dark you are it can either look ashy (which means its too light) or jaundice (which means its too dark). Ben Nye does however have an amazing range that covers all tones.

Even though I have said it could be used all over the face, this is not something that I do because it will change the colour of your foundation, but if your foundation is just a tiny smidgen to ashy these powders might correct that.

in natural sun no flash, left to right: La Girl Banana Powder, Ben Nye Banana Powder, Sacha Buttercup Powder

*While the Ben Nye and Sacha powders are not readily available in South Africa there are some importers that do stock it or you could import it yourself but be aware of custom duties that might be charged. Prices quoted are more or less what importers charge

PS!!!!!! PLEASE make sure you are buying imported goods from authentic resellers


Shamiela xxx


15 thoughts on “Going Banana

  1. Nice write up Shamiela. I love your in depth articles. And FYI, I think you look stunning, on fleeeeeeek! As you know, I’m a sucker for decent brows and yours look great!

  2. Hello Shamiela.
    I have been wanting to try the Sacha buttercup powder so thank you for your review. I use Mac C42 so I think this will suit me.

    1. Hi Claudette, yes it would even the Ben Nye would suite NC 42, I have slight discoloration under my eyes so for me I sometimes don’t even colour correct it 🙂

  3. Hey..Nice article but is any of these poweders good for dark skin? like for example if i use chestnut tone/colour as concealer for highlighting is any of these good for it?

    1. Hi Janet the Sascha buttèrcup powder may work if you go on their site you will see theres brightening powders for deeper skin tones too😊

    1. Thank you so much,we appreciate you taking the time out to read the post. If there is anything else you would like us to cover test/review for you,please let us know

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