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Dupe That!!!!!

Hello Lovlies

I thought I would do my first dupe comparison, we’re always looking for alternatives to the more expensive imported brands.

 So we have two pallets, the Morphe one which is a much hyped about brand and then we have the unbranded palette that looks exactly the same…but do they perform the same?

When I got the dupe palette I was sceptical, I wondered  if it would be anywhere close to the Morphe and I can honestly say,that it’s the same quality and not just a lookalike.


Both palettes have exactly  same ingredients listed in the exact same order. Morphe is a private labelled brand so they do not manufacture their own products. Its produced by a third party and Morphe slaps their branding on it.
Both are made in  China
Both have a few misses especially the matte shades
Both have a lot of fallout on the mattes
Both shimmers are soft and easy to blend

Matte Shades
I swatched a few of the Morphe and a few of the dupes, my arm is not long enough for 70 shades and honestly I got confused cos both palettes has no shade names. Guys I swatched these suckers with a brush and my finger and got no colour payoff on the lighter matte shades, it went a bit better with the darker mattes. Some felt chalky but apparently this is typical of Morphe mattes.

Morphe Matte Shades
Dupe 35T Matte Shades

The shimmer shades were good, some even had me going oohhh and ahhh, colour pay off is amazing, super pigmented and buttery. Some shades had no fallout at all while others had some, but not as much as the mattes.

The 4 swatches on the right is Morphe S12     The 4 on the left Dupe 35T

If you wondering where this Morphe 12S fits in, the Morphe 35OM has no shimmer shades its completely matte.
Why didn’t I add it in the photo with the other 2 palettes you might ask. Well I couldn’t find it when I took the photo’s and when I did I got a lovely surprise nick in the bottom shade courtesy and my family kiddos-not sure if its my niece or nephew or my cousins babas, they are all banned from my room now lol

I’m sorry you were abused like this 🙁

I’ve been spying and learning some tips and tricks from you guys on how to get the shades to pop:  Spraying your brush with a finishing spray and use a good eye primer (eg Catrice prime and fine eyeshadow base) or concealer as a base. I haven’t used any of those when doing the swatches…I think a product should be reviewed without having to “make it work” by using other products. I have always been biased where Morphe is concerned because I honestly could not understand what the fuss was about. Now please take what I’m saying with a pinch of salt because I’m a huge Sleek fan.


The only difference is the one has the Morphe branding and the other doesn’t

Both palette boxes list the ingredients so its not on the palette itself

Is it worth it?

Like I said it performs the same-mattes of both palettes are sometimes chalky and has minimal colour pay off. It does pop more when you use a primer and wet the brush.
Some of the shades of both are very similar and I don’t think you’ll use all of them, but its a good beginner palette and some MUA’s on the group seem to like it for shoots but have said the longevity does not compare to more professional brands.

Price Comparison

Morphe palettes retail for about plus R550 and the dupe palettes are half the price almost. To me it seems you are only paying extra for branding and hype?

Yay or Nay

If you love Morphe you’ll love the dupe palette. Because it has 35 shades in one palette both are very good beginner palettes. Having tested both, if you are on a budget definitely get the dupes…the unbranded palettes have a lot of dupes for the different Morphe palettes.

Love altyd Shamiela

20 thoughts on “Dupe That!!!!!

    1. Thank you so much for reading our post.I guess the decision is ultimately up to personal preference,when I can’t decide I normally make a pro’s and con’s list and go for the one with the less hectic cons 😉

  1. I’m press with this REVIEW…I’m a makeupaddict 🙈🙈 .. nd most of us want that brand name … but I’ve learnt ..over these past few months that the hype is more bat owning the brand name … I’m more about what suits my pocket … nd what suits my skin tone.. Tyyy for the excellent review of these palettes…

    1. Thanks so much foor reading our post,glad you enjoyed it.If there is anything you qould like us to cover you can just send us an email and we will do it for you. 😊

  2. Hello, will you please compare it to the Slays for Days Palette? I know their service can be atrocious but reviews are saying the cheaper palette is better. If only there was a Modern Renaissance dupe!

    1. Hi Wardah, I’m sure its all the same as even Morphe is a rebranded palette its only the shades that’s not the same 🙂

    1. Hi Bruzene, that palette is a dupe for the 35O, this particular dupe is for the 35T…thank you so much for reading our post <3

  3. Thank you for the review. It’s so refreshing to no we don’t have to spend so much on a palette knowing there’s something just as good out there. Now the question is…..we’re can we get the dupe?

    1. Hi Love and thanks for giving our post a read and we are glad it was valuable to you.Thia palette was gifted to Shamiela but I am sure you can find this at dupefactorie

  4. So glad I came across this review, I was looking for a palette with multiple colours, but didn’t want to spend that much on the Morphe palette. Especially cause I know that there are unbranded palettes of the same quality. This brings me to my question l, where did you buy the dupe & what did it cost?

    1. So glad we could help you.This palette was gifted to Shamiela but we have seen that dupe factorie are selling them as well

  5. Great article Shamiela! What I love about this group is that it’s not just for the elite who can afford high end brands. It’s so refreshing to know that we are guided to the same/similar quality stuff at a fraction of the cost. Who doesn’t love a bargain? That just means more money for more makeup 😁

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