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Johnsons Vita-Rich Body Lotion,Kiss goodbye to dry skin!

Hey beauties

 As some of you know, I recently won a Johnson’s Vita-Rich hamper. Johnson’s has always been a part of my household since forever,purely because I love the quality of their products. 

Johnsons body lotion

This stunning hamper had facial wipes, soaps, cleansers and lotions amongst others. Most of the goodies were confiscated by my daughter, but I got some stuff at least. 

I immediately started using the Replenishing Body Wash with raspberry extract as well as the Smoothing Body Lotion with papaya extract. I love smelling good, and these two definitely smells heavenly. 

Johnsons body wash

The body wash claims to “actively helps to replenish dry skin, leaving it feeling beautifully soft, revitalized & looking healthy.” The lotion claims to “actively hydrates and smoothes skin, leaving it feeling beautifully soft and revitalized”. 

Johnsons body lotion

No judging please, but I have a bad habit of not applying lotion unless it is a must haha!

The Vita-Rich with papaya extract has not only done wonders for my skin, but it’s gotten me in the habit of applying lotion all over myself immediately after my shower. It is a bit runny and I didn’t really think it would be a holy grail item, but yes, that’s the status it’s been upgraded to. 

The first person to notice the results was my guy. When we watch TV, he’d always have his arm around me and would play with my exposed skin. This would normally be with my dry-as-desert elephant skin elbows, which has been darker than any other place on my body. Surprised was I when he asked me why my elbows aren’t rough anymore! I couldn’t believe it either. In excitement, I jumped up and went to the mirror to check it for myself. Yep, the results were clearly visible. My elbows are no longer dark as night and dry as the desert. Even my hands are super soft, which feels amazeballs! This is all due to Vita-Rich lotion. 

So ladies, if you want that soft, silky skin but your budget is tight, this is the one to get. Your significant other will definitely appreciate the “new you.” Unless Johnson’s come up with something even more amazing, this is what I’m sticking to, because I simply love to feel pampered. 

Until next time, beauties. 


2 thoughts on “Johnsons Vita-Rich Body Lotion,Kiss goodbye to dry skin!

  1. I feel you on the “bad habit of not applying lotion unless it is a must” I’m guilty of that in winter but I’ve recently bought the new Johnson’s soap and lotion and love it! It smells amazing and moisturize my skin like it’s nobody’s business! I can definitely vouch for the lotion.

    1. Aren’t we all 😂 I normally only apply lotion where my skin shows but will try to be more diligent.Thanks for reading the post us here at BSS HQ appreciate it. 😉

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