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How to use Correcters and Concealers like a Pro

Hi beauties.

There are so many of you who are curious about how to use concealers and correctors the right way. So, we thought we would give you some guidelines on how to do this without too much hassle.

LA Girl Concealers and correctors

You may not need concealer

Currently the trend is fresh and dewy looking skin so if you have very good skin or just a few minor blemishes then your foundation can probably take care of that. Apply a layer of foundation all over your face and then go in with another layer in the areas where you need it like under the eyes, around the nose or over blemishes. The key is to “stipple” or use a patting motion with your foundation brush to get the desired coverage. Also remember to set with powder using a patting motion so that you don’t move the foundation around.

How to conceal

First go in with a layer of foundation(Click here to see how to choose the best foundation for you). What your foundation doesn’t cover is where you will conceal.

For under the eyes you can go a shade lighter with concealer. Also remember to use an eye cream under your foundation if you have fine lines around the eyes or a dry under eye area. This will plump up the area and prevent the concealer from settling into lines or looking cakey.

To cover blemishes or other imperfections showing through on the rest of your face use a concealer that matches your skintone. You don’t want to emphasize imperfections with a lighter colour. My favourite concealers are Black Opal Total coverage concealing foundation, Mac Prolongwear concealer and Mac cream concealers. Concealers that are popular amongst BSS members are the L.A. Girl pro concealer because it gives good coverage and it stays in place. Some of the Essence and Catrice concealers are also recommended.

LA Girl Concealers and Correctors
Micro Blenders from C&B Enterprise

How to correct: Warning!!! Use with caution.

Correcting is when you use a concealer with weird colours like orange, green and purple. There are other colours that you can use as well, but these are the more popular ones. The purpose of correcting is to neutralise an imperfection or tatoo with the opposite colour on the colour wheel. These are called complementary colours.
Green – Red (Rosacea/redface, pimples that are inflamed, reddish birthmarks)
Orange – Blue (Under eye circles, bruises, sometimes birthmarks with a blue, also
dark spots on the face left by blemishes)
Purple – Yellow (Healing bruises with a yellow tinge, dull skin)
If you’re fair-skinned then a pastel shade will workΒ  for you like the Essence All I need concealer palette or the Catrice all round concealer palette.

For medium and deeper skintones a more intense colour will work for you. The L.A. Girl correcters are perfect for this. TIP: mix the concealer with a bit of foundation to adjust the colour if it’s too intense for your skintone.

Colour Wheel

How to apply corrector

The most common way of applying corrector is underneath foundation in the areas where you need it. Apply sparingly. You should hardly be able to see the corrector on the skin. Forget the Insta tutorials where you see people packing on green and orange. This is poor technique. Be careful to pat in product on the areas where you corrected to avoid moving it around. Follow up with your normal concealer. Finally powder to set everything in place.
I also recommend using a finishing spray to make everything look seamless and not so cakey.

Tools to correct and conceal

Corrector and Concealer Tools

This is personal preference because anything that works for you is fine. You can use your fingers to conceal under the eyes, a beauty sponge or a fluffy brush. For the rest of your face I would not recommend using fingers but any other beauty tool will do. For small blemishes like pimple marks you can spot conceal with a brush that has a fine point similar to a liner brush or pencil brush. Dab some concealer on the spot then pat in with your finger or a fluffy eyeshadow brush. Remember to set all concealed areas with powder in a patting motion.

I hope that this article helps you to understand the art of correcting and concealing. Let us know if you have any advice or questions in the comments below. Let’s do a before and after challenge where you show us how you cover your problem area

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Have a wonderful week beauties. XOXO



12 thoughts on “How to use Correcters and Concealers like a Pro

  1. I found this post to be extremely helpful especially because I’ve never tried colour correcting before. Are their any eye creams/gels that you would recommend to apply before concealer?

    1. Thanks so much for your feedback,we really appreciate it.We are very glad we could help.We will be doing a post on this soon.

    2. Nimmi also any hydrating eye cream will help. The Body shop has some good ones and Avon as well. Just allow a few minutes for it to sink in. Hope this helps and keep a look out for a post about skin prep for makeup.

  2. Terri this as very informative.. wish I think it’s amazing ARticle you wrote… Thank you for the guidelines how to.use thes corrector .. Because I totally used mind wrong .. thaaaank you soo much❀❀❀ you beautiful AMAZING womanπŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘

  3. Thankyou,this is so helpfull.I used way too much of the product and did not set,cant wait to apply these techniques tomorrow x

    1. Hi Makungu, we don’t sell those products.You can find them at Dischem πŸ˜‰ Thank you for reading our post and reaching out to us

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