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So as some of you know every 3-4 months there’s the much anticipated Luxury Cosmetics Factory Sale held in Tokia. The drawing card are brands like Stila, Billion Dollar Brows (I have never seen this though), Payot, Decleor, Yves Rocher and Maria Galland.

I went a few times before but its no fun going with my boyfriend…” I’ll wait in the car” is code for hurry up. Boy bye!
So when the latest one was held I desperately wanted to go and the amazing Zee offered me a lift, THANKS BABE!. When I told my friends they were kinda concerned ”what if she is a killer or crazy” and my reply was “she should actually be worried about me” hehehehehe
Off we went chatting and laughing, we were so excited we actually arrived way to early.

It was so exciting to see Zee flip her lid at what was on offer, I had to calm her down and we had to focus on what she actually needed, sorry if I was a bit of a buzz kill babe šŸ™ The prices are insanely cheap…I’m still bummed that JHB has all the good factory sales, so we only really have this one.

Everyone on the group wants to know if its worth going. All the times I went there has always been an abundance of skin care, which I don’t mind, this time was no different. The cosmetics is limited, there’s not a huge variety of shades and I think that’s what most people want.
The stock is discontinued ranges so that answers the lack of variety on the cosmetics front…I have never found foundations for my skin tone until this one – yay!
But don’t fret there are eye shadows, lip stuff and liners you can still buy.
Oh and this time there were brushes, Zee and I were still deciding what to take and poof all gone, we did manage to get a few though.

The staff are super friendly and helpful, that’s always a plus when buying cosmetics. They give you the space to look, feel and smell. You never feel rushed or that you are constantly being watched…we were there for 3 or 4 hours!!! They even have mirrors, hand sanitizers, tissues and cotton rounds…this IS a big deal, factory sales never have these things you have to guess-timate…they actually want you to be 100% happy with what you buying.
And do not get me started on the fellow addicts everyone is so friendly and give their honest opinion on everything: ”No that doesn’t suit you, why don’t you try this, you would look so good wearing it”

Just a few examples of the prices
*Stila Tinted Moisturerizer and CC Creams and Yves RocherĀ Foundations R50-R100


*Stila Lip stuff and Eye Pencils R40-R70
*Stila Brow Filler with brush R100 – this I should have taken even though it wasn’t my shade it has the most amazing double ended brush and spoolie

*StilaĀ  and Yves Roche Brushes R40 and R60-this was such a steal cos firstly so cheap and secondly you never have enough brushes

see the brushes peeking out, sorry I didn’t get a better photo

*Stila Contour Sets R200

Ā *Yves Rocher and Stila Eye Shadows and ConcealersĀ R30-R50

*Variety of Skin Care from all brands in every imaginable product: I so wanted the Payot water but I still have the Avene one to get through

I’m pretty set with makeup right now, that’s until I drool over something new on BSS. So I had a tiny haul. Two foundations (R50 each) and 3 brushes (R40 for each eye brush and R60 for the double ended foundation and concealer brush).

Luxury Cosmetics Sale Haul

I would recommend anyone to go at least once(but you’ll be hooked and go to each one thereafter), take a friend along and you are guaranteed to have some fun.
Just one thing that gets me down is when people use products and there are testers, especially if that’s the last one!Ā People be lekker, this isn’t just here, I have come home from the stores and opened my goodies only to see finger prints in it, that kinda spoils the ‘new’ feeling.
The one brush Zee and I bought were both used, nothing that a wash can’t fix šŸ™‚ But we took it as it was the last 2
Regrets: I should have taken more brushes

Words of wisdom:Ā If you are a newbie, make a list and stick to it, you can very easily over spend just because its so affordable and shiny. And make sure to eat, we were dying when we left! That’s how long we took

I had an awesome time and that was mainly because of Zee, again thank you so much babe. This sale is a definite thumbs up from me

Love Always

Shamiela XXX

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  1. Good day

    Could I possibly get a set of pricelists from you? Especially Maria Galland.
    Professional and retail.

    Thank you

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