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Anyone who knows me KNOWS I’m a skin care nut! We all love make up and one thing that really improves application is a good skin care regime.

I’m seeing a lot of peeps moving away from the heavy make up application and wanting their skin to show more, so a good skincare regime minimizes the need for full coverage make-up.

Avene Skincare
I always beg my friends to PLEASE invest in the best skin care they can afford, you’ll thank me later… fyi I accept gifts in form of selfies 😉
So when Char asked me if I would like to attend French brand Avene’s launch into Dischem stores, I was like ‘HELL TO THE YESSSS’- bae knows what gets me excited.

There was a hour video presentation about the history of the brand as well as live testimonal from the most adorable brother and sister team that suffers from severe eczema. As I was sitting and listening to these heartbreaking stories by some of the people suffering from this skin condition
I couldn’t help but think of some of you guys that also suffer from it and now I have a better understanding of what it’s like and how debilitating it can be.

Avene Hydrotherapy Center in France is a water research center that’s open 6 months of the year and people with serious skin ailments such as Atopic dermatitis, Chronic eczema, Psoriasis, Burns and Healing Disorders are invited to stay at the center and recieve special water therapy treatment.

Avene Hydrotherapy Centre

After the presentation we went down to the court yard for refreshments and to have a look at the skin care range…when I saw all the products my inner child was sqealing with excitement but I had to ADULT and act like a normal human being lol.

look at the beautiful background 🙂


there were tables and tables of the different skin ranges, so yes there is something for everyone, not just problem skin

We spent some time speaking to Debbie the brand manager for Avene, she is so passionate about helping people suffering with different types of skin problems not just eczema. The one thing she stressed was the importance of sunscreen especially here in S.A…Tay I’m watching you! I have to agree, this is the number one  thing that helps the preventation of wrinkles, premature aging, sun spots and more importantly skin cancer.

What all the products has in common, no matter which range you use, is that all products are hypoallergenic/non comedogene, paraben/preservative free and no artificial fragrance.

We recieved a generous goodie bag with strict instructions to try it and give our honest opinions about the range. Oh and I forgot to mention, Avene is the winner of not 1 but 3 Elle Beauty Awards, so that should be saying something right?

Thermal Spring Water – R150 150ml
This is the one product that really intrigued me after I saw Zahr mention on BSS that she uses it as a finishing spray.It was also the one product that I thought was such a gimmick, water in a bottle..really? But boy was I wrong, this was such a life saver with the heat waves we have been experiencing in Cape Town.
It can be used after excerise, hair removal or surgical procedures, for facial redness, sunburn, damaged skin, razor burn, nappy rash, itching and also after makeup
removal…its literally an all in one
Dermatoligist Dr Visser mentioned that some people can have a sensitivity to water and this is the ideal product for that as it has less contaminates than normal water.
….Jaz this is perfect for you when seasons change and even water hurts your face.
I tried it as a finishing spray, guys it really melted my powders perfectly. It sprays a fine mist so there’s no risk of having huge droplets that can potentially ruin your make up application. One important thing to remember is not to shake the bottle, this causes all the nitrogen to be released first and then you cant get the water out.(Char is guilty of never remember to not shake,but then she always has to stop her self mid shake 😂)

Micellar Lotion – R200 200ml
I always double cleanse to make sure I’ve removed all traces of makeup and because I’m deathly afraid of breakouts. So I’ll usually start removing my makeup with micellar water before I use a cleanser. I used the Avene micellar lotion to remove my full coverage foundation, I know I’m not the only one that judges effectivness but the number of cotton rounds used…
it only took 2 cotton rounds to remove ALL my makeup including glitter eyeshadow. My skin did not feel tight or dry because this micellar lotion also contains hydrating ingredients. It also did not leave a soapy film behind. And it smells amazing! Reminds me of baby products.

Cold Cream Ultra Rich Cleansing Gel R180 200ml

This cleanser has a gel like consistancy. It does not sud much, which usually means there’s not much sulphates in it. I love gel formulas as it does not strip the skin as much as foaming cleansers do. When used after my micellar lotion I didn’t experience any tightness, dryness or a residue. The one con was that I found it to be overly fragranced, but that could just be me as I’m extremely sensitive to smells

Soothing Moisture Mask R250 50ml

I love masks, it just gives my skin an extra boast. And now that I realized moisture is key to preventing oil overload and preventing wrinkles I’m investing in more moisture rich products. It says to leave on for 10  – 15 minutes and wash off but I’m such a glutton I put it on before a bath and only wipe off when I’m done. This mask leaves my skin plump and radiant, I’m not sure if its my imagination but my little wrinkles also looks less pronounced. Its lightweight so it doesn’t feel like I’m wearing anything, it absorbs completely into the skin so all you really wiping off is excess product. Best of all you can wear it around family without being teased and asked ‘What strange concoction is that’ 🙂

This is Chars current go to mask as well.The first time she used it she went 3 days without wearing make up and her skin still felt soft an amazing 😉

Restorative Skin Cream R130 40ml

The consistency of this is very thick, think ointment and has no fragrance. Even though it’s thick it absorbs easily and doesn’t leave my skin feeling heavy. When you have a break out it kinda breaks your skins barrier and causes even more pimples so this cream helps protect your skin while also helping it repair.

Mattifying Fluid R239 50ml

I recently decided to stop using mattifying products because I think it just make my problems worse- I have combination skin. I wanted ‘matte looking’ skin and it was like my oil glands were working overtime to get sebum back after use mattifying products, so I was a tiny bit apprehensive about this.

It’s a moisturizer but I wanted to try it as a primer to see if it will stop my makeup from looking like I dunked my face in oil. It does mattify but it also hydrates, if that makes sense. My skin didn’t feel chalky or dry but I could definitely see it wasn’t as shiny. It’s lightly fragranced, smells like baby lotion,has a lightweight consistency and absorbs easily.

this nozzle had me so stumped…it had me texting Char late at night Me: how the heck do I get the product out Char: you have to twist,it opens when you depress the nozzle…  how cool! But ai I felt so dom

Spf 50 Sunscreen R215 50ml

I scream, you scream, we all should scream for SUNSCREEN. Mense I can go on and on about the importance of sunscreen, especially in South Africa its hot as hell here, even in winter we still have a lot of sunny days. I will admit that I never used to use sunscreen, no one in my family uses its so I didn’t know any better.

This is not just something that our fair skinned beauties should use its for EVERYONE. People of colour usually suffer from hyperpigmention, know what makes that worse…the SUN. So it doesn’t matter what fancy skin care you are using, if you don’t wear sunscreen it negates everything. This sunscreen has a high spf (that’s always good), no fragrance, absorbs easily and is not heavy, sticky or greasy. Its also water resistant and protects against UVA and UVB. I know some of ya’ll are worried about sunscreen affecting photos when you take your selfie, we don’t want ghost face, well I haven’t experienced this but it may be different for others but ,I would sacrifice ghost face photos for good wrinkle and blemish free skin. So please, asseblief, if there’s one thing you take away from this post let it be, investing in a good sunscreen. Please don’t be fooled into to thinking that micro amounts of spf in your foundation is enough, use a sunscreen under your foundation before your primer if you use primer.

Out all the products used my top picks are the thermal water, mattifying fluid and sunscreen.Char loves the Moisture mask and the cold cream cleansing gel.

Some of the Avene products are covered by medical aid as well.

Have you tried any Avene products?Lets us know which ones you are using, what we should try next or which you would be interested in trying after reading this post.

Au Revoir <3 that’s about all the French I know 😉


Shamiela xxx

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  1. Excellent review and elaboration on each product. It’s always caught my eye at the store and now I can finally purchase knowing I’ll be putting it to good use.


    1. That’s so great to hear,their products are really fantastic.Thank you for reading our blog and leaving a comment. We really appreciate it.

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