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Don’t Paint Everyone With The Same Brush

Hey Babes ๐Ÿ™‚

You guys know what I love about the group is sharing knowledge. We all started not knowing what the hell we doing but learn so much along the way. And also discover things we never thought about. One question that pops up regularly is how to clean your brushes.

Brushes are expensive, investing in a quality set is expensive but if you take care of your magic makers it will last you years

Brush cleaning helps stop the spread of germs and bacteria, guys please wash and sanitize your brushes and makeup after you have been sick…well you can’t really wash makeup but ya’ll know what I mean-sanitize it or better yet depot when using while you under the weather.
DO NOT share brushes…yes even between family and friends.
Clean brushes makes for better makeup application, you won’t be applying old buildup product to your face.
Clean brushes also prevents breakouts.

There are a few brush cleaners on the market, I can’t recommend any besides normal hair/baby shampoo as that’s what I use.

One thatย is getting rave reviews from members is from Pink Cosmeticsย #ProudlySouthAfrican, which Char will be doing a review on soon.

Pink Cosmetics Solid Brush and Sponge Cleaner

I have seen people recommend liquid dish soap-the problem with this is its VERY harsh especially on natural hair brushes, dish soap is strong enough to cut through burnt on grease I don’t think we using anything that extreme on our faces that warrants something that harsh. Some mix in a bit of olive oil I’m not sure if that helps.
I have seen people use face wash and micellar water as well, again I can’t vouch for those as I have never tried it, but I think face wash is a much safer option than liquid dish soap.

I love cleaning brushes while watching a good series, honestly no one likes doing it but it must be done.
So let’s get into it <3

Try to only wet the bristles of your brushes.
No soaking, overtime water will cause your brush ferrule to become loose from the handle and cause your handles to swell and warp

Apply a bit of shampoo or brush cleaner and either swirl the brush in your hand or use a brush egg/mat to clean bristles

Heart Shaped Brush Egg
Heart Shaped Brush Egg from C&B Enterprise

#Hack: you can also use a tangle tease or those cheapy shampoo massage brushes (as pictured), the bristles are much longer than a brush egg/mat so it gets in further in more dense brushes

Rinse in a bowl-no running the tap ya’ll know water shortages is REAL and all ๐Ÿ˜‰
I usually change out the water just to make sure I rinsed it properly.

see I’m trying to only get the bristles wet when rinsing as well

Squeeze out excess water

Reshape the bristles to prevent it from splaying and let dry over the edge of your table/vanity (better air circulation=faster drying time).

NB: As much as you might be tempted to speed up the drying process do not use a hair dryer, heater or place in direct sunlight.

I’ve seen major oopsies happen, melted bristles, cracked handles…it’s not worth it.
You can also invest in a brush tree and let it dry bristles facing down.

Never dry brushes in an up right position, water travels down the ferule (you guys know the rest of that story).ย 

Just because we wash our brushes does not mean its sanitized/disinfected. Using medical grade soap does not solve this problem (sorry there’s no 2 in 1’s), again way to harsh and no matter how well we may think we have rinsed our brushes there’s always a possibility of residue being left behind. That residue can cause contact dermatitis. The chemicals in the soap can cause damage to bristles and cause sponges to degrade faster. Beauty blenders/sponges cannot be sanitized(so only for personal use), if a MUA is using a used beauty blender on you stop them immediately! It might look clean but sponges are a breeding ground for germs and bacteria.

Once your brushes are completely dried you can spray it with 70% alcohol to sanitize and let it dry again before use (you could use 91% alcohol as it evaporates quicker).

Synthetic bristled brushes doesn’t need conditioner as its plastic/taklon bristles.
Natural haired brushes do, some people condition with hair conditioner, olive or coconut oil. Try to use a tiny bit as too much can cause build up and leave a greasy residue behind. Rinse well. Take care of natural bristled brushes as you would you own hair but don’t GHD it ๐Ÿ™‚

Getting rid of staining is the bane of my existence. So much so that I try not to use light bristle brushes. My white foundation brush refused to be restored to its former glory so after one last attempt to remove the foundation stain, all I did was leave the shampoo on a bit longer and the foundation stain came out. Its not a pleasant sight but if you have washed and sanitized your brushes, don’t be to worried about stains, its clean and sanitized that’s all that matters. We use unnecessary harsh chemicals on our brushes, potentially ruining is over stains! Its not worth it.
To prevent staining on your beauty blender/sponge or brushes try to wash it immediately after use

How often should you clean your brushes depends on how much you use your brushes. I deep clean mine after every 3 uses and spot clean (wipe with a makeup remover wipe and spray with alcohol) after every use. That’s just my personal preference some people clean theirs once a week.

I hope this helps, and if you have any tips or tricks on how to speed up the dreary cleaning process please comment below…also don’t be shy to recommend some series to watch while doing this dreaded chore <3

Tons of love

Shamiela XXX


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