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The one question I get asked about a lot as a makeup artist is “What is the best foundation?”. Well the answer is simple, there is no one best foundation. There is only a foundation that is best for you. So I thought I’d give you beauties a few tips on selecting the right foundation.

Chanel Foundation


Skin First

Now I know that you may think that this has absolutely nothing to do with foundation, but actually it has everything to do with it. Skincare is key. There is no such thing as flawless looking foundation without good skin. So invest in a skincare routine that suites your budget and stick to it.

Avene SkincareUse a suitable formula for your skin type

The most popular foundation on the BSS group is Estee Lauder Double wear foundation. Members adore this foundation because it is full coverage and lasts all day. BUT, it’s not for everyone. Double wear can be very drying on already dry skin. So if you’re wondering why your skin is suddenly extra dry it is probably because you are using a matte foundation, please look for something more suitable.

The general rule is, if you have very dry skin stick to liquid or very hydrating cream formulas. If you have normal skin then you can use a wider range of foundations. For normal skin you can get away with very dewy to very matte foundation. If you have combination or oily skin I’d say stick to a matte foundation. This can be in liquid form or cream to powder form. If you are extremely oily then I’d recommend a powder foundation.


Foundation recommendations

For readers with very sensitive skin I’d recommend a range such as BioNike. Their foundations are nickel free. You can find a foundation in their range for every skin type.

Dry skins will do well with foundations like M.A.C. studio sculpt, Maybelline dream satin foundation, M.A.C. Face and body (this is on the sheer side) and if you’re on a budget the new L.A. Girl Pro coverage HD foundation.

Mac Studio Sculpt

For Normal skin types it’s all about preference. Any foundation will look good on you. If you want to get your glow on try the M.A.C. mineralise moisture foundation. For a natural matte finish my personal favourite is the Revlon colorstay foundation. Also Estee Lauder double wear light wears beautifully. For a full matte effect the Estee Lauder Double wear will do the job.

For Combination and oily skin a foundation with a high powder content is recommended. This helps to control oil. The Estee Lauder double wear and double wear light is a lifesaver for oily skinned girls. I also love the INGLOT powder foundation. It gives a velvet finish with a good amount of coverage that will keep oil at bay. I find that the double wear can be a tad much during the winter time when combo skin gets a bit drier. Instead I’d recommend a less matte foundation during this time like M.A.C. studio fix fluid or Revlon colorstay.

I hope that these recommendations help you in your search for your perfect match. Let us know in the comments if you’ve already found yours. Be sure to post pics with your perfect match on BSS in our selfie post daily.

P.S If you struggling to find your match in a specific brand is a great resource that checks your previous bases’ used to find the match.

Mac studio sculpt and yardley powder



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