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A few weeks ago I met the lovely Amy at the Elizabeth Arden counter in Edgars Canal Walk. First she lured me into buying the Blockbuster, then more recently, I was convinced to purchase the Ceramide gift pack, which consists of the famous Ceramide capsules, Purifying Cream Cleanser, Lift and Firm Day Cream and the Skin Renew Booster. As if that wasn’t enough for one day, I even succumbed to buying two of the Ceramide Lash Extending Mascaras!

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Before I left her counter, I was treated to an experience of sorts when she demonstrated how to apply the capsules, as well as to test the moisture levels on different parts of my face with a nifty little gadget. I’m not generally someone that likes a stranger invading my personal space, but goodness gracious me! Amy really has some magic in those fingers of hers. I nearly dozed off in a matter of seconds. It was heavenly beyond belief. She then booked me for a mini facial which I really looked forward to experience after that tantalising preview!

Amy Elizabeth Arden Consultant


Two weeks later I arrived at her counter, bare faced and eager. I was taken to a private room and was made comfortable. As with the previous time, my moisture levels were tested on different parts of my face. First product used was the Ceramide Replenishing Cleansing Oil. It dissolves makeup and impurities while nourishing your skin with essential lipids, including Omega 3, 6 and 9, as well as Vitamin E. The oil transforms into a milky emulsion when mixed with water, leaving your skin feeling clean and nourished.

Next was the Purifying Toner, which was applied with a cotton ball. Although it has a high alcohol content, it did not irritate my skin in the least, which was a pleasant surprise. I don’t always use toner, but this is definitely worth investing in, as it removed all of the embedded dirt and laid a clean, smoother platform for absorbing the rest of the skincare to follow.

The Superstart Skin Renewal Booster is designed to restore the natural healthy look of your skin’s surface layer, as well as boost the skin’s natural ability to repair and renew. With daily use, this serum boosts the effectiveness of your skincare products.

The Advanced Ceramide Daily Youth Restoring Capsules are my absolute favourite of the entire range. This potion is stored in a tiny capsule for single usage. You twist the top off and apply the oil, which actually isn’t oily at all. It absorbs so well into your skin. The thing I noticed most after two weeks of daily use, is that my pores are smaller! I am really amazed at this because I thought I’d have to live with huge pores on my cheeks for the rest of my life. Bonus is that the empty capsules are completely environmentally friendly. It can be added to your bathwater as it dissolves and adds extra nourishment for your skin.

The Ceramide Lift and Firm Day Cream Broad Spectrum Sunscreen SPF30 feels rich and creamy. This luxuriously moisturises and protects your skin as it contains SPF30. The moisture-boosting hydration and Ceramide Triple Complex strengthens and smooths skin’s appearance.

Lastly the Ceramide Plump Perfect Lift and Firm Eye Cream was applied. By this time I was in Nirvana already and just simply enjoyed the sensation of the cream being applied to my eyes.

What I loved about the entire facial, was that Amy explained step by step what she was doing and why. Every product used on me was described in detail, all the while her hands were performing the loveliest of massages. I had to concentrate reeeeeally hard NOT to fall asleep. When I eventually left there, my skin was glowing and felt Ah-MAzing! It might not have been THE best half hour of my life, but it surely ranks in the top 10 unforgettable moments of my entire life.

This award winning range has me hooked, but my real praise goes to Amy, because she knows her products well enough to recommend which ones would be best suited to my needs after her moisture level test. So ladies, if you’re looking to change your skincare or would just like to know how hydrated your skin really is, find your way to the nearest Elizabeth Arden counter. You will not be disappointed. Their products are worth investing in.

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